templates on foam

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Usually, i dont glue the pieces to the foam, just hold the pieces in place with one hand, and trace it with sharpie using the other


I've seen some people use tacks or double-sided/a rolled up piece of tape as well. I've seen that a lot for leather and fabric work too.


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What i do...
Take your printed patterns and a pen with a very small tip (nothing too small like a tack)
Place your sheet on the foam, DO NOT CUT OUT THE PATTERNS
Take the pen and punch a hole in the paper at every corner on a pattern and every midpoint between them.
Lift off your paper and connect the dots!

Also if you have a Laser Printer, take your printed sheets and set them pattern side down on the foam, then rub acetone on the back of the paper with a papertowel. lift and the ink should have transferred to the foam
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