The fist of the Master Chief ( need help please )

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Ive got pictures of stage 2. i have started to add on the clay to make up the armor and the glove section. I'm not done and am going to work on it in class tommorow but this is what i have got done at home so far, and i would love to know what you guys think! so please tell me how you think it is going so far, i know it isn't completely acurate but i thought it needed a little extra decoration. ( the knuckles)

Great job Eternal. Please keep us posted on this as you go through the whole process. I'm sure it will be very informative to the members here.

her is what i got done during class this morning. i have a break between classes so i'm posting the pics now. i think you guys are all on a different time frame than me. but i finished the wip and the fist portion is almost ready to start making the rubber mold.


let me know if these pics are too small. i can make them bigger so you gat get better detail.
Detail looks really good. The only thing I can critique here is that the hand plate looks a little too molded to the back of the hand. Makes it look like thick rubber instead of a hardened armor plate.

Other than that it's immaculate... the best glove sculpt out there!

Keep up the great work!
I agree with Sean that the only thing that seems "off" is that the armor piece looks soft. Just make sue it doesn't conform to the rest of the hand.

I'd love to see a bigger pic of the battle scarring. Great update. Looking sweet.
:agree: i think you sould mould that part seprate so it will look like its nit part of the glove
i am glad that you all pointed out that the wip part seems to blend. i noticed that also but i came to the conclusion that simply because all the clay is the same collor and simmilar texture especially in the pictures that it belnds alot and doesn't photograph well. i am still gong to do some perfectionist touching up before i apply a rubber mold maker. but as to making the armor look seperate from the glove the final product will be painted and I believe that once i put all my effort into making the armor be painted to look as metalic as possible it won't be a problem. at first I will paint the entire thing flat black, then mask off all the areas of the glove except the armor and then tackle them in a green and try to make it almost irradecent. and the battle scarring in a as cloce to bare alluminum look as possible.
ok here are some close ups of the battle scarring and details.


Here is a real fast photoshop pic to show the contrast in the materials on th final product, ( kinda crappy photoshop rendering but its just to get the idea) the real thing will be freaking awesome.

Amzing. Such a cool idea as well. It is creative and beatiful yet still absolutly kicking butt at the same time. Keep it up
I know that the gree was off, it was really just to show what the contrast will be like on the final product.

but i dont know exactly what the color is supposed to be. i was gonna try and god for like a steel/ green like steel with kandy green sprayed dark over it or something. i dont know it would be awesome to get an actual piece of metal scuffit up abit so it has texure and then spray a clear/green on it untill it was darker, but you could see the scratch marks in the metal.
here is some of the work i have started on the base. the base is a simple lamp shade that happened to have a top that fit my cd holder and the fist. i used construction paper and fiberglass resin in the top to make it more of a solid dish, allowing it to be molded and it looks good too. I used plaster bandages on the inside to give it some more streangth and some fiberglass resin on the outside makes the clay stick a little better, but thats not why i used it. it was realy to seal and streangthen the material of the canvas lampshade. then i drew out my shaped with a pencil. once i had something i liked i wnt over with sharpie to make it eisier to trace. i used tracing paper to make templates to start cutting out rolled out clay with. and from there it is just applying them and being a perfectionist about all the lines and seems.

thats kool looking great start on the base, makes me want to make a base for my AR and for my other weapons
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