The fist of the Master Chief ( need help please )

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Ok guys now is about the time that i am starting to think about what colors to paint, with the primary sculpting almost done and ready to mold.

I am decided that on the fist i am going with flat black for the "material" sections, and a MC green on the armor sections. because it is The Fist of the Master Chief

The base is what i want to hear from you about. I am not sure if i want the base to be that same colors as the fist or not. The base i may also install a light and cast in clear material that i can paint to allow light to only come through certain spots like the word halo or something. here are a couple ideas i have for the base for paint. tell me which you like best or if you have any other ideas.

A: Raised sections same MC green everything else flat black

B: raised sections steel silver, lower a purply blue, the alien metal color.

C: Raised/ Alien prply/blue, lowersteel silver.

D: Raised Silver/ lower black flat or shiny

or if you think of something you think is cool let me know.
link4044 said:
thats kool looking great start on the base, makes me want to make a base for my AR and for my other weapons

what you should make is the weapons holders from Halo 1

and ur doing a great job Eternal
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i need to get some pics of those......i think those kolors will work out great for your base
which colors they all can't go on it, i am leaning toward the Raised a darker silver and blue/prple aqua in the inbetween parts.
ok so i am not gonna be able to get anything done this weekend because i had to leave the project at school so it didn't get dammaged in transit. :bye2: so sad to leave it. but i will start the molding process on monday and i will take extensive pictures of the process. in fact i might even make a quick video. I don't know how to post it online so maybee i will try to figure that out thiss weekend.

because i'm making a rubber mold. i will be able to make multiple casts of this. and i will paint then different colors. i think for the most part i will keep the colors on the base the same but change the armor colors.
Oh, also if anyone is interseted i will be willing to make a couple and sell them. The armor is not exactly the same as the video game and I am not going to put any words on the sculpture, i might make some stickers and send them seperately and let you put them on. But once i have a semi finished product i will post pictures. these will be fully functional CD holders for the three games. feel free to PM me with inquiries.
OK so i couldn't get anny work done this weekend but i got bored so i made some fake cd labels to put in my final product. they are just blank cd's but they look awesome and will be great to display with the product when i do my final photographing for my portfolio.

I used a simple label maker made by Memorex and photoshop.
I got the images in the HBO gallery.

These are photos taken of the printed out cd labels not just straight from the program, i just wanted you guys to know because the detail and quality looks so good.

ok so i got off to a rough start today with the rubber molding :cry1:

I got a good thin layer on and then a thin second. tthe trouble came when i went to start building the divider wall for the two part plaster molther mold. I tried to use cut up wax paper cups, but because they were curved and did not wan't to stay straight they wouldn't hold thier place. so i will have to go back on thursday and try again. this time a will use playing cards, because they are non porus, fairly sturdy, and strait. hope fully i can get the rubber molding done on thursday.

I took some pictures today, nothing exciting. i will post them alittle later tonight once i get them up onto my computer.
im guessing that your doing a two part mould? when you do the 2nd part of the mould use a thin layer of vaseline on the mould so it will not stick to the other rubber
you mean inbetween the plaster mother mold and the rubber? i have a mold release, but i will ask my teacher and see what she thinks. she worked as a mold maker for a while so she knows her stuff. but thanks for the advise link it might come in handy. and judging by your projects i am sure you know probably as much as my teacher when it comes to this stuff. your projects are totaly sweet.
Whoa! VERY kewl my man. I think once this is done we should take these photos to that MLG (major league gaming) folks and they should use this as a First Place Trophy or something. Good work and keep us posted.
MLG would be great and get some amazing recogmition to the people who do make armor and stuff. Unlikely though.

Eternal- again that is so cool. can't wait to see the end result
ok so i got to put on the thickened rubber today and we sucessfully made adivision wall for the two part mold for the fist. the base will have a three part division because of all the intrucate shapes and under cuts.

here are the pics, before thickening the rubber went on like runny hunny, and with the thickener it is more like a little runny peanut butter.

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