The Offical Happy Birthday Thread!

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Alright! Its about time we put one of these on these forums. This is the Happy Birthday Thread, wish people a Happy Birthday if you notice on the forums it says today is their Birthday.

I will kick it off, a very special person gets the Happy Birthday to start out the thread, That would be our loved Admin of the forums and Creator of this wonderful place, That would be Adam.

Happy 26th Birthday Adam, and thanks for this incredible site and forums filled with information for those that share a passion to make a suit of armor. Hope you get lots of Cash and other good stuff from friends and family!


And, another very lucky person to be found in the first post of this thread, spartan -1 Caboose who is turning 14 today! Happy Birthday and I hope you get some awesome stuff from friends and family also.

Come on guys Give em a cheer!

Now who is up for tomorow?



Happy birthday Adam and Caboos Have a nice day and let us know what you have got for your birthday ;)

Happy birthday, fellas! I think it's very appropriate we start off this thread with the Site Owner's.

May you both have a very memorable day, and hopefully get plenty of time in fragging Covenant! :D
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