The Offical Happy Birthday Thread!

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Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, you look like a Spartan, and you smell like one too...hey wait does anyone know what a Spartan smells like. I mean they can't smell good being in that armor all the time. HAHA, just kidding around. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Xavier, Dimentia, Kaya Tetsu, hope it's a good one.


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Spartan 118 said:

So all you PA residents,.... thats u SEan ;)
look out :D
BUT YAY for me ay ways lol

God help us!
Just kidding, happy belated birthday.

And a happy birthday to anyone else that was missed including today's Spartan 180.
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Happy Birthday to our fellow 405th.
Today's are next-stage, flying_squirl, and Sniper.

PS - Sorry for the double post.


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Happy Birthday Eternal!

Hope you enjoy it :), and I also hope you get on here some more :p.



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Gah, my birthday sucked. I guess the good thing is I remembered my password to the site, so I can get on more now >____<

Turned 18 today. Woo, go me.


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: 13 YEaRs oLd W00t
This is a HAPPY birthday to me at first it sucked badly.
Man the day before my birthday(yesterday)I got in trouble at school dealing with a girl which invloves this happening to me :confused: So I was suppose to celebrate my birthday today at school in I.S.S.= IN SCHOOL SUSPENSION then I just heard that I have off today from school because there is suppose to be a Heavy snow storm like in four hours later in the day so I don't have to spend my day just doing work in the same desk for 7 hours or go to school so this is a HAPPY birthday to me!!!
Happy birthday to me as well!!!

Wow there sure are loads of people with their birthday today

Happy birthday Monstermaker Dedrick, redhead and Datahar as well


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It's my birthday and I got 20 it's the most wonderful day I quit Wal-mart I start a awesome job as a true welder. The day is just so awesome.
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