*The Official* Halo:CE Anniversary Pepakura Files Thread


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Hey Koshima07, I'm pepping the Halo: CEA Helmet you made RIGHT now! It'll be the first one ever. Check it out :)
But Here's a better one scaled to 300 (yeah... I've got a big head...)

Hope this one gets put on the front page, too!
Posting images soon.

Image time!!!

Here's the complete Mk V Helm, courtesy of the original duo, Xalener and DarkFang, with my editing to make it as accurate as I could get it.

Removed the bumps from the top of the helmet...

And as you can see, there's the visor and visor details for your delight!

And I have to apologize to anyone who already pepped the helmet. This would be the official release, so have at it, Community!
But Here's a better one scaled to 300 (yeah... I've got a big head...)

Hope this one gets put on the front page, too!
Posting images soon.
Here is my unfold of your first one:
It is scaled at 267 and is only a pdf. Hopefully I can earn enough cash to pay for the key and then, with your permission koshima07, I will release my unfold of both the files.
Sorry for the double post but I found a file that could be used for Halo CEA even though it was not meant for it

It is the Halo Legends Handplate by ForgedReclaimer but it looks almost exactly like the Halo CEA one


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So I was looking around trying to find some Halo: Anniversary files. All of these files are great and all, but i was wondering if there are any game accurate models out there. A lot of these files just Halo: Combat Evolved HD renders. Not Halo: Anniversary, and yes there is a big difference between the suits.

I just wanted to bring attention to this thread to know if there is anyone out there with game accurate pepakura files for Halo: Anniversary. I have been really wanting to make this suit for awhile now.

Any help would be great.


hey i was just wondering but, if you want i have all of the sideshow collectibles premium format figure pictures if you would like them for modeling purposes.


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I don't mean to necro bump a really old thread or anything but while most (if not all) of the 4share links HaloGoddess posted are dead these files are all located on the file section of the site... Except the chest armor, where there are no download links for front or back. Luckily Jico posted his chest piece or else I'd be SOL on this RvB/Halo 1 build... I think someone should think about updating this post and maybe even the site's files so there's at least one pep file on the Halo CE chest floating around that's easily accessible...


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Hardly dead, Spartan - I do believe that the Halo 4 Mk V Pepakura files will serve you just as well. I believe you'll find those files in the File Archive, if you can't locate them please feel free to let me know and I'll do what I can for you.


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Hey uh guys, the link for the marine armor no longer works and I have been trying to find these files for awhile now.
If anyone has a copy of them please let me know!

Current and future models for Halo: CE Anniversary can be found in this thread. So for any modelers that model the updated Armor for Halo:CE, I ask that you notify me, if you wish, so that I may add your files to this thread so other members can easily find them. :)

*Also PLEASE keep in mind that all of these files are in LETTER SIZE paper format so if letter is NOT your designated paper type, be sure you change it before you do ANYTHING!!! ;)*

Mark V (old school)
Complete Collection
Mark V Complete - Download - 4shared
*this file is in .zip format so you will need to unzip the file after downloading it to access the files*

Mark V Individual Files: (old school)
View attachment 136966
MKV Chest Back: mk_v_backpack_moz - Download - 4shared
MK V Cod Piece: MK_V_belt_MOZ - Download - 4shared
MK V Chest Front: MK_V_chest_MOZ - Download - 4shared
MK V Helmet: mk_v_helmet_moz - Download - 4shared
MK V L Bicep: mk_v_leftbicep_moz - Download - 4shared
MK V L Forearm: mk_v_leftforearm_moz - Download - 4shared
MK V L Shin: MK_V_LeftShin_MOZ - Download - 4shared
MK V L Shoe: MK_V_LeftShoe_MOZ - Download - 4shared
MK V L Thigh:mk_v_leftthigh_moz - Download - 4shared
MK V R Bicepmk_v_rightbicep_moz - Download - 4shared
MK V R Forearm: mk_v_rightforearm_moz - Download - 4shared
MK V R Shin: MK_V_RightShin_MOZ - Download - 4shared
MK V R Shoe: MK_V_RightShoe_MOZ - Download - 4shared
MK V R Thighmk_v_rightthigh_moz - Download - 4shared
MK V Stomach Plate: MK_V_stomach_MOZ - Download - 4shared

*I also noticed that there appears to be no handplates available for this MK V file set so you will need to find some handplates from another file set.*

HD Mark V Helmet: (old school)
View attachment 136967

Halo:CE Concept Inspired Mark V Helmet by Xalener (old school)
View attachment 136968
hd_mark_5_xalener - Download - 4shared

Want to dress as someone other than the Master Chief? Well, now you can! Here are the files for the Halo: CE Marine!

Halo: CE Marine (old school)
View attachment 136969
Marine Helmet: http://www.vrogy.net/pepa/H1_marine_helmet_GARLAND.pdo
Marine Chest: http://www.vrogy.net/pepa/H1_marine_chest_GARLAND.pdo
Marine R Shoulder: http://www.vrogy.net/pepa/H1_marine_right_shoulder_GARLAND.pdo
Marine R Leg: http://www.vrogy.net/pepa/H1_marine_right_shin_GARLAND.pdo
Marine L Shoulder: http://www.vrogy.net/pepa/H1_marine_left_shoulder_GARLAND.pdo
Marine L Leg: http://www.vrogy.net/pepa/H1_marine_left_shin_GARLAND.pdo
Marine Thigh Plates: http://www.vrogy.net/pepa/H1_marine_thigh_plates_GARLAND.pdo

If you are reading this, I am working on getting MORE stuff together. I just wanted to get this started, so stay tuned. :p


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queria Trabajar con la mark V clasica
La De Halo CE Pero Los Enlaces Ya No son validos
si alguien TIENE UNA copia por favor compartirla seria de gran favor, gracias


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Is there any way I could get these directly without having to go through 4Shared? Does anybody have these that they could just email to me or something?