The start of my first project, trouble finding files


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Hello everyone! I'm getting started on my first set of armor.
I've bought EVA foam, a hot knife, cutting mat, Pepakura, I have hot glue and a heat gun.
What I need now are files of Halo CE Mark V armor. I don't want the HD version, I want it all to be original.
Only found some dead links for the files. Any help?


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Thanks! You are doing gods work here!
Hot knife is in the mail so I'll keep everyone updated on my progress. I've only got 3 months to put this together.


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3 months......? Can be done. Make sure you do test pieces first!!!! don't waste the EVA foam. Use cardboard first to see how it will look and where the pieces will fit and where you can do some "Foam-Fu" and just use larger pieces w/o having to glue 2-3 together first. Good luck and good building.