Foam Thel Vadamee cosplay pre Arbiter


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About a year ago, i started making plans to build Fleetmaster Thel Vadamee from Halo 2 Anniversary. I love that design of Elite and of course the character and had to build a cosplay. Over the past year i made my own templates, went thru tons of trial and error, and finally finished the cosplay in late March. I took several pictures throughout the build process and i want to show how i managed to pull it off.
The first step was planning it all out. How the costume would fit onto me, how tall i wanted it to be, etc.
I then made pepakura templates from a 3d model of a H2A elite that i bought online. I separated the model into several pieces, mainly just each armor piece. I did this in Blender. Then exported from obj over to pdo, and unfolded every armor piece for use with foam.
I printed everything out - tons of pages! Traced onto foam, and began building. I used foam i got from Walmart as well as - i started with the helmet and a place holder for the head. Then the arms and so on.
The legs were a bit tricky. But i managed to make them work as an illusion. Im able to stand up straight in the cosplay, while the legs look semi digitigrade.
For the boots, i made lifts by stacking foam mats until i got the height i wanted. The boots give me a 10inch lift. The foam mats were cut into the shape of the elite boot, glued and stacked and then wrapped with thinner foam on the outside to give a uniform shape. And i have slip on shoes glued into the tops of the boots. I will be updating these later on tho, so stay tuned.
I made the muscle suit from soft, spongey foam i found at walmart, which i glued onto a morph suit. The hex fabric i found online thru Yaya Han cosplay fabric, which i glued over the mucles suit. I used contact cement for pretty much everything.
The face is 10mm eva foam with 4mm eva foam stretched over it. And the head piece is worn like a hat. I literally glued a hat on the inside of it. I see thru the mouth.
The teeth are made of heat moldable plastic that i got on amazon.
It took about a year to plan out and fully build the entire costume. I still plan on rebuilding some pieces to make more screen accurate, and when i do i will update this thread =]
Oh geez, it is gorgeous!