Transformers anyone?

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I am not a fan of transformers at all but this new movie look freaking sweet.Micheal Bay is the director and the movie just looks plain awesome. I am going to go see it the second week<cuz less of a crowd> Great CGI. any opinions here?
I gonna try to see it the day it comes out with my friends that are comming down to the lake so i will probablly go see it with them. Playstation underground sent me somthing to get tickets online without a fee or somthing for the transformers movie at i think the code you type in when you buy them is... i think its PSPrime737 so any of you can use it if you want becuase im not.
I would take you up on your kind offer but my dad says when you sign up for that stuff and enter that code it gives the site permission to send spyware and stuff to your computer but idk...?
i dont think so playstation inderground sent it to me, they wouldnt do that, mabey some other sites do that.
YA STARSCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im a very very big transformer fan im going with a group of friends on monday nite..i also made the logo for my car (made out of Aluminum)
i'll get a few up later...for posting pics you'll need a hosting like ImageShack or something like that
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