Transformers anyone?

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so in the commercials when they made the offical origional transforming noise, my bro stood up and yelled for joy. i almost needed to change my pants :heart: :happy1:
yeah i saw it. it ow optimus has a mouthwas cool. i love bumble bee. hes awesome. and i dont like how optimus has a mouth. and there are some funny and cheesy TRANSFORMERS lines in there.
im leaving to go see it right now, im a big fan so I can't wait! I thought it came out today at 8:00 pm so I thought i would see the first showing, so im disapointed
I dunno I'm not holding my hopes up to high for it...

Every childhood hero I had has been killed right infront of me on the big screen because I was expecting way to much...but it may end up being what I would expect it to be. I dunno.
Just accept the fact that they have modernized the movie for today's standards and you'll be fine. Memorable lines, lots of funny, and GREAT casting.
HOLY CRAP everyone go see this movie i saw it yesterday it was amazing. I loved the sound effects, and the scene with the jets and the one hitting the building ha, o one thing i need to ask, in the previews there was some preview and it started as a party for someone going to japan then the lights flashed and stuff and everyone went outside and there was like meteors falling down, i think it said it will be out july 18th, but the thing is no one knew what the ovie was called, and i want to know.
i kow what your talking about it had the website at the end of the trailer trying to find it now
I really liked the fact that they got the same guy to do the voice of Prime as the original cartoon.
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