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Ultimate Ironman Pep's (Now Unfolding)

Discussion in 'Halo Pepakura Costumes' started by BenStreeper, May 31, 2011.

  1. montee916

    montee916 New Member

    Shins, abs, cod piece and feet files are uploaded.
  2. FiftySeventh

    FiftySeventh New Member

  3. huesos 005

    huesos 005 New Member

    Hi i´m new here and this is the first thread than i saw i unfold the helmet and chest if any wants send me a mesage or tell me how upload the files i´m new unfolding files too well thanks sorry for my english
  4. paladin01

    paladin01 New Member

    nice! where the links at? are they on the 1st page?
  5. montee916

    montee916 New Member

    All the files are in the same folder. The link is in my first post at the bottom of page four.
  6. onewingseraph

    onewingseraph New Member

    hey i started to unwrap some of these but i dont know if you already finished so let me know.
  7. Gallard

    Gallard Member

    Could anyone see about possibly seperating the two bicep pieces that are merged? That seems to be the only file I see an issue with trying to pep.
  8. zerobluefox

    zerobluefox New Member

    awesome , but im having trouble downloading the helmet the website says its gone
  9. Iron Monger

    Iron Monger Member

    Cool! I am also lost about location of peps. Ill check 4. Helmet unable to be downloaded *copyright laws etc* I blame SOPA/PEPA whatever they are *shakes fist*
  10. DeathlyDesignz

    DeathlyDesignz New Member

    File for helmet and chest doesnt work anymore
  11. BlackKaos

    BlackKaos New Member

    Very cool model. file appears to be the model from Ironman the video game. I was wondering if anyone has ripped the Extremis or other models from the game?
  12. dung0beetle

    dung0beetle Well-Known Member

    pm me your email and I'll send you everything
  13. yeinson

    yeinson Jr Member

    could you send me to my equal?
  14. Treemandude

    Treemandude New Member


    Heres the helmet with some bondo work done for those interested in seeing it.
    I also have a blog going on following me work on the full suit for those also interested.

  15. Dh748

    Dh748 Well-Known Member

  16. Treemandude

    Treemandude New Member

    Apologies for the necro-post and massive image.
  17. BenStreeper

    BenStreeper Well-Known Member

    as stated in many of my other threads, necro posting is allowed. I'm in and out of the 405th, and RPF now do to my job. Sometimes its 4 months before I can update anything. A lot of these files still need unfolding, however I am finally caught up to this project, so you may see many posted soon. Also a RPF member will be posting his foam unfolds over here soon.

  18. montee916

    montee916 New Member

    It's been a while, but I have most of the parts unfolded in both A4 and Letter format. You can find the folder here:


    The only parts I haven't unfolded yet are the chest and the helmet, but can bump them up on my To Do list.
  19. CSM101

    CSM101 New Member

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