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I'm just sitting here, my 360's off, and I swear I just heard the friend online bloop noise.

Has it ever happened to you, or am I just addicted?
i think that happend to me once. but not an xbox cind of one. i was sitting there. my tv was off. it was uiet. then i heard that song from the...crap... whats that male inhansment comercial... [penis enlarger... l:-l] 'enzime' i think. the song was on after i turned the tv off o_O i dont think your addicted. your prolly just hering things :-/
Its called social retardation. Its when you never physically socialize with friends and all you to is talk externally via modern day technology. Texting on cellphone, Myspace, Facebook, Xbox Live (current instance), online internet chat programs.

If your 360 was off then you didn't hear the online friend sound. It must have been something else. Now stop waiting for friends to come online and go do something with them :\ .

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