Unidentified Weapon?

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Plasma turret dismounted, which falls into the support category of weapons with the Missile Pod, Chain/Machine Gun, and possibly more we don't know about yet? Doubtful, but....
Leadingspartan said:
LOL ok everyone who said its a mauler needs to read its already been confirmed its a plasma cannon but omg after he tells you lol you say 0m9 1t5 a Mau13r!!!
okay then 0m9 1t5 a Mau13r!!!
even though its not
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Well, now that we've established its not a Mauler... :p

Your right, its a plasma turret, like the ones the grunts used from H2, but in that screen the legs are not unfolded. So it's not so-unidentified now, eh?

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