UNSC Painted foam "metal" ID plates or badges

<div class="bbWrapper">I decided to experiment with some new branding tips on 3mm foam and then use acrylique paint to achieve the metal look. Here is a pic of the first 3 plates<br /> <div class="lbContainer lbContainer--inline " title="Picture135.jpg" data-xf-init="lightbox" data-lb-single-image="1" data-lb-container-zoom="1" data-lb-trigger=".js-lbImage-attachment146513" data-lb-id="attachment146513"> <div class="lbContainer-zoomer js-lbImage-attachment146513" data-src="https://www.405th.com/forums/attachments/picture135-jpg.146513/" aria-label="Zoom"></div> <img src="https://www.405th.com/forums/attachments/picture135-jpg.146513/" data-url="" class="bbImage" data-zoom-target="1" alt="Picture135.jpg" style="" /> </div> <br /> I used silver and black paint and also gave them a gloss coat.<br /> #1)Top left recieved a coat of black, a coat of silver, details painted black, another coat of silver<br /> #2)Top right recieved a coat of black, a coat of silver, details painted black, another coat of silver, blackwash, silver drybrush<br /> #3)Bottom recieved corner details painted black, 3 coats of silver and a drybrush stencil<br /> Personally I like the look of #2</div>
<div class="bbWrapper"><blockquote class="bbCodeBlock bbCodeBlock--expandable bbCodeBlock--quote"> <div class="bbCodeBlock-title"> <a href="/forums/goto/post?id=560265" class="bbCodeBlock-sourceJump" data-xf-click="attribution" data-content-selector="#post-560265">XxCrossFadexX said:</a> </div> <div class="bbCodeBlock-content"> <div class="bbCodeBlock-expandContent "> Nice idea, but what are you gonna put them on? </div> <div class="bbCodeBlock-expandLink"><a>Click to expand...</a></div> </div> </blockquote>My luggage! <br /> Seriously though, I was thinking of putting the smallest plate on shotgun version 1. The larger might go on the assplate of the MKVI. The last might convert my Brother scanner to a UNSC scanner. I might also make some plates for the boot heels, could read: UNSC 15, or maybe one for the cod: UNSC XXL<br /> (That last one was a joke) <br /> When I get around to making a pistol I will use the fine burning tip to burn in the inscriptions and the other branding tips for the details<br /> <div class="lbContainer lbContainer--inline " title="493px-M6G-MagnumPistol-Transparent.png" data-xf-init="lightbox" data-lb-single-image="1" data-lb-container-zoom="1" data-lb-trigger=".js-lbImage-attachment146514" data-lb-id="attachment146514"> <div class="lbContainer-zoomer js-lbImage-attachment146514" data-src="https://www.405th.com/forums/attachments/493px-m6g-magnumpistol-transparent-png.146514/" aria-label="Zoom"></div> <img src="https://www.405th.com/forums/attachments/493px-m6g-magnumpistol-transparent-png.146514/" data-url="" class="bbImage" data-zoom-target="1" alt="493px-M6G-MagnumPistol-Transparent.png" style="" /> </div> <br /> I could probably make UNSC dogtags too, I will have to dig up some reference pictures.</div>
<div class="bbWrapper"><blockquote class="bbCodeBlock bbCodeBlock--expandable bbCodeBlock--quote"> <div class="bbCodeBlock-title"> <a href="/forums/goto/post?id=560267" class="bbCodeBlock-sourceJump" data-xf-click="attribution" data-content-selector="#post-560267">XxCrossFadexX said:</a> </div> <div class="bbCodeBlock-content"> <div class="bbCodeBlock-expandContent "> Hahaha I like the originality! What kind of branding tips did you use? </div> <div class="bbCodeBlock-expandLink"><a>Click to expand...</a></div> </div> </blockquote>Thanks. I used the various branding tips that came with the kit.<br /> <div class="lbContainer lbContainer--inline " title="Picture168.jpg" data-xf-init="lightbox" data-lb-single-image="1" data-lb-container-zoom="1" data-lb-trigger=".js-lbImage-attachment146515" data-lb-id="attachment146515"> <div class="lbContainer-zoomer js-lbImage-attachment146515" data-src="https://www.405th.com/forums/attachments/picture168-jpg.146515/" aria-label="Zoom"></div> <img src="https://www.405th.com/forums/attachments/picture168-jpg.146515/" data-url="" class="bbImage" data-zoom-target="1" alt="Picture168.jpg" style="" /> </div> <br /> <br /> You can get great details using this method, and it works great for other foam projects too. These are fridge magnets made with foam, a color dino, Ecto, Super Moshi badge and Lady Goo-goo.<br /> <div class="lbContainer lbContainer--inline " title="Picture167.jpg" data-xf-init="lightbox" data-lb-single-image="1" data-lb-container-zoom="1" data-lb-trigger=".js-lbImage-attachment146516" data-lb-id="attachment146516"> <div class="lbContainer-zoomer js-lbImage-attachment146516" data-src="https://www.405th.com/forums/attachments/picture167-jpg.146516/" aria-label="Zoom"></div> <img src="https://www.405th.com/forums/attachments/picture167-jpg.146516/" data-url="" class="bbImage" data-zoom-target="1" alt="Picture167.jpg" style="" /> </div></div>