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So still working on helm.
started bondo couple days ago.
I sanded, sanded, sanded....and sanded.
i relize now i should of started with a more detailed pep file (a warning to all those starting)
it's still go to be alot of work. but as you can see i'm add Halo3 details by carving the bondo and sanding.
still need to add front and side(ear) "dents".

more pictures soon...

ps...to all those starting...stop and start with a very very very detailed pep (like the one Doc used)
to will required less bondo or resin jelly or any other filler)
yah...i have bondo on thick...but i did that so i could dremal out the detail and not get into the fiberglass
i think he's using straight bondo.


do what you gotta do to make it look NICE!

PS. Where are Doc ByTeS's pep files?
Yah I just put on bondo straight up. I'm just going to keep sanding (and maybe having to add more bondo) till i get it prefect(or at least close as far as i can get it) good thing a bought the one gal. ((i think i used like 1/3 of it already!! geee $$$

used the 10:1 scale (5inx5inx1in(thick) bondo: 3in push of hardern
(((i used a bit more since it is a little cold outside...work juuuuust fine))

i know Doc put out a new file but i like his old one better...ask him maybe. i got the first one a few weeks ago
Bondo: 95% done...added bondo glaze to fillin pin holes (not pictured) so i just need to sand it down once more.
done adding my dremal detail (i hope). tried to make a H2 look like H3 ( i think it worked pretty good)
have a look!
ideas welcome!!
Looks great, especially for a H2 version helmet. :)
If you were to airbrush some more details on, it would look even better. Someone around here did that to all his armor. He used the H2 models, detailed it with an airbrush, and it looked better than some people's H3 armor. Can't seem to find the topic though...
Pep pieces have been getting godly so far. and yours is no exception. You should mold it after you make it, i can tell its going to be awsome. The only adise iI have is to dremel the line that i marked in red, and remove the bondo inside the blue till you hit paper.

oooww...you right (the red line) i think it will help too.
i thought about dremeling out the inside...hmmm we'll see...i did something like that to the front and it left a weird look to it after that, i had to sand quite a bit to fix up...
red is a GO
blue idea...let me sleep on it...
the blue would add the most detail, thats whats on his real helmet. Just saying, it would be super accurate if it was.If you didnt understand, im saying inside of the blue, dremel it making a slope as it gets closer to the red line
your helmet (the backside of it) has a marine helmet look.

nice work (compliments again). What pep files did you use? DoC ByTeS files?

anyways...what color is your helmet going to be? (please something cool!)

too many people go for the MC look, go for a
halo 3 multiplayer look (colors I mean!)

good luck
ok...i think i'm done 100% with bondo...and sanding/dremal.

the files i used there the main down-loadable files from one of the main tuts about pep

color: gee well i think a might sell this one ( i kinda want to make a H3 helm starting with H3 pep file)
ummm....Metalic gold? Gun metal grey? i thought about useing the type of paint you see on boats (it kinda has a sparkel to em)

JediStumpy said:
Quick update:
got vents in, painted it gloss black just to see if i like the color.
tell me what you think

The paint job is okay, but i wouldnt choose black and if i would choose black i wouldnt choose that black since with that black it makes it look like a black blob...

Good job,

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Well i know the paint it ok...i just want to see what black looked like. if i did choose that i would add details, maybe use a different black.
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