Vader pep files

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Those are impossible to do!

The model is too complicated, such as the mouth/respirator, it's not on an edge, so it isnt possible to build.

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all that is easy to fix, it loaded as multiple groups within the same mesh. When I get home after work tmorrow, Ill strip it for you. Also using programs like vizup can lower the polys of the model and make it alot easier in pepekura.

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AoBfrost said:
Theres no way to get the models from vizup UNLESS you pay for the program. Expensive.

HMM, My trial version was a full version on a timer. Its since expired, but I am still looking for another free or trial program to get this to work for us


What about this?

And then theres a plugin for milkshape called 'Direct X Mesh Tools' plugin that allows for polygon reduction in milkshape 3d.

A nice collection of milkshape links

this is an open source AKA free 3d modeling program
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i've started to unfold and decided to start with the belt, cause it's my first attempt at unfolding anything.
has anyone got anything else unfolded yet
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