Visor attachment


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Alright I'm new to making the Spartan armor, pepakura is easy though, CQB helm is done in 110lb cardstock ready to resin, I was wondering when and how do I attach the visor I was going to wait to finish the helm resin/fiberglass is this a good or bad idea? Pics to come eventually ;)


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I'm resin and glass it first, then maybe hotglue the visor on, lots of hotglue, it will never come off then, or you could try cocking rubber/concrete, but that stuff expands and shrinks with time...maybe go with hotglue!


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you will want to fiberglass and resin it first... After your done painting and sanding I would say is a good time... :)


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My visor will be the last thing to go in, after bondo, prime, paint, holes drilled for LEDs, etc. I really don't want to run the risk of further damaging (already got dremel battle scratches) my $60 investment.