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WAR MACHINE HIGH-DEF Pepakura files TEAM-UP second try

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by zabana, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. zabana

    zabana Member

    Hi all!

    We are going to post here all new files relating this proyect. I decide to start a new one in order to could update first post with every new file.

    Right now it´s done foot, neck, abs, arm and chest (arm and chest not finished yet but soon).




    Boot by Zabana.pdo



    WM neckpdo-3D Stagefivedrift & unfolded by Carnage.pdo



    WM Lower torso - 3D by Stagefivedrift & unfolded by Zabana.pdo

    Upper arm


    WM Upper Arm - 3D & Unfolding by Zabana.pdo



    WM Elbow - 3D & Unfolding by Zabana.pdo

    Helmet (done by Sharkhead and Dubean, if I´m not right please tell me :D)



    Ex-Wife missile by Ironmansuitmk6 and unfolded by Spektrum917


    The Ex-Wife (3D by Ironmansuitmk6 & Unfolded by Spektrum917).pdo

    Upper Torso 3D by Stagefivedrift and unfolded by Spektrum917


    WM_Chest (3D by Stagefivedrift and unfolded by Spektrum917) .pdo

    Shoulder 3D by Ironmansuitmk6 & Zabana, unfolded by Zabana


    WM external shoulder.pdo
    WM internal shoulder.pdo
    WM shoulder.pdo

    Leg 3D Stagefivedrift & unfolded by Spektrum917


    WM Calf Thruster + Boot Cover.pdo
    WM Right Thigh(fixed).pdo
    WM Right Shin.pdo
    WM Left Thigh(fixed).pdo
    WM Left Shin.pdo
    WM Hip-Pod(fixed).pdo

    War Machine forearm


    WM Forearm.pdo

    Weapon 1


    weapon1 3D by jtm1997 & unfolded by Zabana.pdo

    Iron Man and War Machine Hands by Zabana


    Upper Palm by Zabana.pdo
    Thumb finger by Zabana.pdo
    Ring finger by Zabana.pdo
    Pinky finger by Zabana.pdo
    Middle finger by Zabana.pdo
    Lower Palm by Zabana.pdo
    Knuckles by Zabana.pdo
    Index finger by Zabana.pdo

    Right now credit for this proyect goes to:

    Halopepakura (from RPF)

    (Sorry if I forget someone :p)
  2. Bmth1123

    Bmth1123 Jr Member

    yay hopefully there easyer to pep than the ones i found they were impossible
  3. gremlin

    gremlin New Member

    let me be the first to say WOW!!! both with the new part and the sneek peek, and now this thread is saved thanks...
  4. IroniumCostuming

    IroniumCostuming Well-Known Member

    wow, i might pep these :p
  5. SPRTNBD50

    SPRTNBD50 Well-Known Member

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!
  6. unheared

    unheared Member

    thank you all
  7. Yay!!! New thread! Haha. I should be starting on the legs this week.
  8. unheared

    unheared Member

    cant wait to see your legs LOL
  9. HAHA! That is so wrong...
  10. Wisesky

    Wisesky New Member

    Excellent work all.
    any news on when the hands/palms might get done? :D (i probably just made it the very last thing to get done with this inquiry lol)
  11. zabana

    zabana Member

    Hands are done, but will be released in last place :p

  12. vshore100


    Hey Zabana, long time, no see buddy.:) These files are awesome. Congrats to all who have contributed. This looks to be very promising. Keep the updates coming!
  13. zabana

    zabana Member

    Hey thanks dude!!! Long time without seen you, I´m waiting a lot to see people posting their suits pics ^^
  14. KhaosAngel

    KhaosAngel New Member

    that looks freakin sick. cant wait to see more!!
  15. dubean33

    dubean33 Member

    These files are very awesome, i'm sad i don't really have time to be a part of them right now.. Maybe a little down the line when my projects are done and if this is still going :) Great stuff guys, i can't wait to see someone build this
  16. dopeguy36

    dopeguy36 New Member

    Zabana thank you very much for the files...i have already started making em out of eva foam...so far so good...are the hands/palms really going to be released last?
  17. Spektrum917

    Spektrum917 Jr Member

    Progress ALAS!! lol I'll work on this after I finish a WW2 Captain America suit I'm working on, but AWESOME job everyone! can't wait to see the finished product :)
  18. gremlin

    gremlin New Member

    i am going to be doing this one after i finish my cyberman that i started. i have an issue starting projects and when someting i really want to do comes up just leaveing that one unfinished and starting another. i want a cyberman and a war machine, so i finish one then the other
  19. laveniuk

    laveniuk New Member

    So exactly when are you going to be releasing those palm and fingers? Im really excited for those!
  20. Mangoes7

    Mangoes7 Jr Member

    I'm excited as well! Dang they look sick!!
  21. rafy

    rafy New Member

    it's gonna be a pain in the *** to pep the palm and the fingers , i can feel it;).There is just so much detail on them.But i am not complaining i love the quality:cool:p.Keep up the good work
  22. zabana

    zabana Member

    It was " a little" difficult to pep, but it´s not an impossible mission :p

    If I could you can :D
  23. Wisesky

    Wisesky New Member

    oh those hands look GREAT! i have been waiting for those forever! can't wait for them! thanks :)
  24. dopeguy36

    dopeguy36 New Member

    im impatiently waiting for the next file...refreshing every couple of hours...haha:cool
  25. Liq

    Liq Well-Known Member

    I've been wanting to do one of these in a child size, but I might do mine first :D thanks for all the work you guys put into these files.

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