Warhammer 40k apothecary Terminator build


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Got some progress to share. Finished gluing all the cathedrals together and started putting some details on them. They were kinda plain imo so I 3d printed some bits and spun some aluminum doodads on the lathe.


There's some wiring and rivets missing from the panels yet but that'll be after paint. I decided on bronze for the statues. I was afraid that marble would be too difficult for the 3d printed surface. I think these will work and at half an hour paint time, I'll take it. Thanx for watching and stay tuned for more...


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Progress report for today. All the statues are painted and made some more headway on the cathedrals


IMG_20201108_200038683.jpg IMG_20201108_200048567.jpg
The paint is Rust-Oleum self etching primer. I liked the green/grey color as it kinda reminds me of really hard, cured concrete. I think with some light grey highlights and grunge this will sell it as old stone works. Still missing wiring and more details around the doorway and stained glass panels on the sides. But I had to at least see 1 of these with a coat of paint to get an idea of the color. Stay tuned for more...


Greetings to all on the 405th,
I've been poking around here for awhile looking at the fantastic stuff you guys and gals make here. I recognize a few names from over on therpf site and figured I'd make a thread. This was a year and a half build that I had a blast making. He's made of EVA foam cut from Pepakura files. There's 3d printed parts mixed in with all manner of store bought and scrounged goodies. Enough jawing, here is Brother Lucien of the Deathwing

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He stands 7'8"at the top of his gear and makes his own doorways at 54" wide. I've got lots of weapons finished ranging from an auto cannon, a Crozius Arcanum, a pair of lightning claws and several melee weapons and shield in progress. I'll post some more pics shortly, I didn't want to go crazy on the 1st post. Let me know what you think


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Paint progress moving along. Paint run to Home Depot yielded this today. I found a mousey grey that had a green tint in it that turned out to be exactly what I hoped for.



I drybrush scrubbed over the primer with the grey and then lightly highlighted that with the same bone color that I used on the armor. Painted in the small details and added wire and some tiny rhinestones for the servo eyes and the push button panel screen. I mounted the stained glass panels on some foam core board so they can be glued in after paint. I have 4 of these cathedrals trimmed out and primed atm. Just have to force myself to keep trimming and not go off on a paint jag, haha. Stay safe and stay tuned in for more...


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Got a few more paint progress pics on the base to share




I added a few more bits to the electrical starfish lookin thing to give it a little more zip. The small fusion core thing will get some airbrushed light blue on some of the surrounding areas to give it more of a glow. Not much more painting to do and it's time for lights! Stay tuned and I hope all are well...


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Got some wiring done and undone. Trying to splice in the lamps over the statues I must have nicked something or shorted, but half a string died on me and I couldn't find the problem. The lamps are a no go also, these little Xmas lights are finicky as hell. I tore out the cooked string and chapel lights and kept forging ahead.


The cooked string was on this side mixed in amongst the green. They are dedicated blue like the other side. The green 1s are RGB, I was trying different combos and this looked pretty good. The red isn't bad either. I have another string on order, but it will probably take a while to get here. These pics were in complete darkness with only 3 of the spot lights hooked up. Here's a couple of the sides that I was able to close in


Stay safe and stay tuned in for more...


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Got my replacement string of lights installed and closed in the top and sides hopefully for the last time. Working on the weathering atm and have to make a small bracket for the support rod the keeps the mannequin standing

Lots of grunge and rust around the bolt heads and cracks will really sell this base. Still have quite a bit of paint work to do, but all downhill from here. Stay tuned and Happy Holidays to one and all!


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This base plate is about wrapped up. Got the grunge and rust done tonight. Also banged out the support rod and got it mounted. Maybe a few little touch ups to darken some rust spots. Next step is to get this in the house and set it up



Support rod screwed down. This will be the mount point for the rod that bolts to the back of the mannequin. I may need to make a few more of these dependent upon the placement of all Lucien's different weapon loadouts. We'll see. Stay tuned for the end pics...


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Base plate is done!


These were shot in complete darkness except for the mini spots and the LED's in the base and his gear.

Little bit better shot with the flash

Just looming in the darkness. I get this vision of King Kong lit from the bottom for some reason lol. I still have a few brackets to make to remount his weapon stands, but for the most part this journey is complete. Hard to believe this was 2+ years in the making. I've had a blast making this and enjoyed sharing it with everybody here. Thanx for all your comments and "likes", it means a lot. There will be some more weapon builds to round out his arsenal, but I'm preparing for a huge build that I'll share from the get go. This thing is gonna be a monster, 10+ft. Keep your eyes peeled for that thread, stay safe!


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