Warthog Simulator Build 405th EU


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Yup you read right. We (Sulimir and myself) are building a PC Warthog Driving Simulator using Forza Horizon 3/4. If this is in the wrong category I'm sorry. We are going to build a racing sim seat to use at Conventions and will play FH3/4 which of course has the Warthog (El Camino style). We haven't started yet this is just to get the thread started and looking for ideas the rest of you might have. It will be a 1x2m Box with my HD TV and mc Gaming PC and my Logitech G25 Racing Wheel. the Plan is to grab a few car seats from a local scrap yard and use a nice 5.1 surround system. Then using vinyl banners printed to look like the inside of a WH and paint the outside the same. Maybe in the cockpit some Gauges (driven with Arduino) and some cool lights and switches. As soon as we have some Progress/Consept Pictures I will post them up.