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i just noticed that the warthog that gets blown up in the commercial foro halo 3 isnt a warthog, its one of those.....hmmm..well its some atv thign that was supposet o be in halo 2 according to electronic gaming monthly november 2002. But i geuss they suck. Go watch the commercial and youll notice it too.
Seems far more realistic than making a Warthog...which some of the members were discussing doing not that long ago.

In comparison this seems 100% more realistic and practical..

It's be pretty cool if you rolled into a convention in full Spartan armor on your one-of-a-kind mongoose!

That'd turn some heads! :dee:
Yes, there are supposeably both a Warthog and a mongoose in the commercial. pause it when MC is kneeling on the ground looking at the Assault Rifle. It's unmistakeably a Warthog. Then pause again just before all the wraith shots hit, when he has the bubble shield up. Now it's unmistakeably a mongoose. There are two vehicle, you just can't see them both at the same time. :Steve:
i studied the commercial more and the first shot of the vehicle looks like a warthog buts its the mongoose also, i looked at pictures of the mongoose and from the front its looks like the warthog. And in the commercial hes in the same position as when he was kneeling on the ground and when it shows him its still looks like a warthog but it zooms out adn its a mongoose, and besides hes the only one out there, there is no one in sight, so in conclusion there is no possible way that there is 2 vehicles :lindsey: . beat that ;-)
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