Water based clay.

I have a problem with water based clay;

The water based clay cracks as it is used on my manique (I cant find oil based clay in switzerland, Dont ask)
So i have been thinking about ways to make the surface smooth and not cracked. i thought i could add a plater surface (taking sheets of plaster and soaking them in water and applying) but im not sure if this will work. so do you guy's have any suggestions on how i could improve the surface so that its not all cracked up ( i do have this special spray which helps when you have the mold moist but i want the mold to be firm)

So do you guys have any suggestions (i need to keep the level of the detail on the surface and i cannot use resin since i need to get rid of the clay because my manique is... The Legendary edition!!! I have 3 but i still dont want to screw it up...)


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Wellll...I really dont think it will work as good, in the factories they add the oil and mix the clay evenly, but in your own home it wont be easy....you dont know exactally what type of oil they use...so not any old oil may work.