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I wanted to give it ago on how would it work if i would mix oil's with the water based clay and i was pretty surprised myself too.

I tryed many different oils and greases:

-Flower oil
-Olive oil
-Crude oil
-Motorcycle engine oil
(and a few other chemically very hazardous oils acquired from my schools science labs. Dont ask what they are they are lethal toxics)

I came to an awesome conclusion; When i mixed all the oils (seperately) with water based clay 2 standed out to be even better then the actual oil based clay.

-Crude oil (will be very diffucult to acquire since it is usually only sold to big gasoline companies which harness it to gasoline)
-Extra natural olive oil (can be acquired from local supermarket)

The result of these where quite cool.

when i mixed the olive oil with the water based clay it didnt really transform the clay itself (just made it not go solid 'dry out') and works perfectly fine.
As with the crude oil it transformed the clay into a thick 'tar like' mixture which is difficult to work with (and turns the clay black) but atleast it works really well since it makes a really firm mixture.

Clay+oliveoil+crudeoil= heaven

So i added all three together 1/2 clay 1/8th crude oil and 3/8th olive oil and the result was very cool. i actually made a clay compound which is a lot better (compared to shop bought oil clay.) the mixture was easy to work with and it stuck on easily to each other.

So i hope this helps you guys.
Yeah, but how much of a mess does it make every time you touch it? I'm just skeptical about adding random stuff to clay. Also, why put that much effort into converting clays? I bought oil-based clay at 1lb = $1.75. That's not much more than water-based clays, and at least I know it's a safer bet in the long run.

Interesting find though; I commend your creative ingenuity.
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