Wearable Fortnite Llama MasterChief


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Masterchief or rather Spartans are represented across several different games. One game in particular is Fortnite. In the game there is a Llama which grants loot. My idea is to make a wearable loot Llama that will fit around me in my Spartan suit or jumpsuit. This would make it look as if I'm riding the Llama. It'd be a lot like my wearable ghost that I made previously just a lot easier to wear.
Ideas, thoughts, suggestions, or help?

The start of a Spartan riding a fortnite Llama


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Added the harness that will hold the Llama in place on the wearer. It is adjustable to a certain extent. And yes that's an old comic con sign. Middle of winter long after comic con was done and was laying alongside the road. Was gonna throw it away but after i cleaned it up i decided to add it with on my wall in the garage. Lol
Finally made it to the neck of the llama. A lot and I mean a lot of little pieces of paper, glue, tape, and super glue. If it stays on budget it will cost me a total of $60 to complete. Next picture will be final picture followed by me in a Spartan outfit wearing it.

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