What about making an energy sword or at least an elite armor

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Thanks for posting the extensive pics of this awesome costume. I agree with the comment on the Bungie web site, this is an example of a human hiding inside the body of an alien creature.

Hats off to Matt Asanuma, the cosplayer, who with his brother Mike, designed and fabricated this costume. I think that Matt must be an "indian-rubber-man" or a super contortionist, to be able to move like that. It seems to me he had to learn to walk from scratch, while using arm and leg extensions and a sort of puppet head piece with which he controlled the angle of the elite head, opened the mouth, etc. Did he have some controls that he could affect the puppet head with his chin or lower jaw?

I suspect that he has to have a "elite squire" to help him get into this costume and armor, contorted as he is in the full costume. Would that be his brother Mike?

Here are some suggestions to all that wish to try them:
1. Use eye-tap devices with cameras mounted on the top of the false head, so the player would see stereo vision of the scene without revealing the location of his real head. Dr Steve Mann has written much on this subject and coined the term "EyeTap" see http://www.eyetap.org
2. Extend the length of the second joint of the dog leg further back to look more realistic.
3. Attach the armor so that it stays put when arms and legs are spread out. Some of the pics show large separations between body and armor when the Elite is aroused!

Let us see your progress in development of similar costumes.


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Sean, are you still considering a tutorial on the sword? I'd love to make one myself. I'd be really interested to know how you embeded the EL into the plastic. Someone had also mentioned being able to get it to pulse, how would you do that?

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danoeltico: I may still write something on the sword, but I'm a little overwhemed with developing the Armor tutorial and kits. The EL wire is basically sandwiched between 2 panes of plexiglass inside grooves I cut on the inside. I've been in conversation with my tech buddies about how to get the sword to pulse and the best they have offered me is to take a controller out of a pulsing christmas light and wire it in parallel with my power source. Because space is so limited inside the handle it's gonna be difficult to fit anything else in there. So anyway...it's still unresolved. I'll keep you posted.

Until there is enough interest I may just post some more progress images of my sword and give out as much info as possible for others who want to try it.

In the meantime I'll probably make some swords by comission only, but thats still on the distant horizon.


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swords :)

I love the swords, very nice. I was pictureing the sword as slightly more 3d-ish along the blade. If it was hollow and frosted in the blade then you could camo extra parts within it.


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They are still pretty freakin awesome. We are gonna get one and when we use it it will be pitch black and backlit with steam. Gonna be sweet.

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only downside to the sword i have is, its not like you can flail it around like one of the lightsabers. you feel it, and you just cant help but be gentle o_O
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