What are you favorite guns?

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Hey guys, so I'm currently working on a 3d print for an MA5C from Halo 3 and just got curious as to what my 405th family's favorite guns are.

Call me old fashioned, but the Assault Rifle will always have a special place in my heart. Halo was my first FPS growing up and while I was forcing myself to learn the controls, the AR was with me in every mission. A very close second for me would be the Covenant Carbine. Many good memories of popping off enemies around the battlefield both during the campaign and multiplayer.
SR99. BR55. And Type-25 Spiker.
NOVA Bomb, because i love my doomsday weapons...There are actually real world counterparts proposed in the Cold War Era. Look up GNOMON and Project SUNDIAL - Gigaton Neutron Bombs as a Concept, Castle Bravo or the Tsar Bomb pale in comparison to these.
All the other Nukes from Shiva to FENRIS/ Fury

Ideal Loadout on the Ground:

Sniper + Dual Smg
Energy Sword + Dual Needler
Bruteshot + Dual Mauler
Needle Rifle
M6 in Halo 4
Type-50 Concussion Rifle


T-27 Shade (Fuel Rod Gun in Halo: Reach)
Target Locator to call in Air Strikes (if only you could select the type. Like Bomb Runs, Railgun rounds, Attacks from Longswords or Vultures, etc.)
Missile Pod LAU-65D
M71-Scythe in Sword Base with 20mm HEIAP rounds
Gauß Cannons of all kind

In the Real world:

Barett M107
When 50 cal doesn`t cut it: 20mm Anzio
Kriss Vector ACP
Glock 17 and 19
1911 Pistol
Desert Eagle
AA-12 Shotgun, even better Fostech Origin preferably with explosive Frag-12 Ammo

Hope that small list will suffice :lol:
Despite the appearance i am fairly critical of Weapons in normal life though... :cautious:
CE: get me some active camo and a Rocket Launcher
2: Noob Combo, all the way.
ODST: Suppressed Magnum, FLAME THROWER
Reach: Grenade Launcher boiii
5: Grenade Launcher. The OG. I'm pro without the Pro Pipe.
Never had a favorite one, to be honest. It depends largely on the situation. Using the Sniper Rifle on Halo CE legendary difficulty was always cathartic, especially when you can waste elites in a single shot but the ammunition was always scarce. Other than that, nothing beats the M6D magnum / Plasma Pistol combo.

As for the designs of the weapons, I always liked how the Assault Rifle (MA5B) looked like. I like how it's form narrows towards the end of the barrel, it made the weapon look futuristic and blade-like. Idk, hard to explain lol. However, I don't like how the redesigned it in Halo: Reach, it's too detailed in a not so tasteful way. The simplistic look from Halo CE / Halo 3 is much more preferable to me.
Some Favorites:
CE: Pistol
Reach: Pistol, DMR, Shotgun
2: Dual Wield SMGS, Battle Rifle
3: Brute Spiker comes to mind for some reason :lol: However, Assault Rifle is iconic AF in this one

I usually find myself using precision weapons throughout most games so an ideal loadout would be a DMR, Battle Rifle, or Sniper Rifle with a pistol as my sidearm.
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