What are your go-to convention snacks and/or drinks?

Usually I try to take a refillable water bottle and two packs of tiny chocolate filled sweet buns with me. Pro points if I think of bringing nutritional supplements like magnesium to help sore bodies later.
When we’re at a con with the Regiment, one of our guys visits a store and get like a full shopping cart of packages of tiny salami sausages. Those are our so called „Snackies“ and we love them.
If something else is needed, probably someone else at the con has it

Buuuuut at German cons you have to be really careful of taking food from supposedly nice people. There are cases of drug-laced food at a few cons this year, because a group of idiots, for some reasons, started a campaign against cosplayers. But that’s a long and stupid story. Just take care you know the person you’re taking free snacks from.
Forgetting to eat lunch seems to be my standard in recent years.
If we're at a booth I try to have 1+ water bottles on hand along with some kind of energy bar/brick of sustenance in ye ol snack pouch.
Breakfast: Farmers wrap (literally no competition)
Lunch: Whats that??? (Yum water)
Dinner: Out with the gang
Pacific Regiment
Immediately proceed to indigoD0g for copious amounts of fruit snacks
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Tbh I don't have a good example on this so proceed with caution when following this advice :lol:

When cosplaying in Kuala Lumpur, very often I find myself eating samyang hot chicken flavour ramen noodles for breakfast ( yes I consume spicy noodles for breakfast). But not all the time of course, sometimes just toast with kaya works out as well. The next meal would the be dinner where I just dine-out, either mixed rice or roti prata ( flatbread not sure if that's the right English word per-se).

When I was staying in Singapore attending a con, I usually stop by a hawker centre to see what's available (albeit by the time I find food it's already lunchtime so I just grab early lunch hehe), dinner is also depending on the surrounding available options at that time ( but hawker stalls are a guilty pleasure for being cheap and tasting good).

Tldr, keeping diet at a light amount and make sure to consume food that your bowels can take ( counter-productive to my previous experience but you get my point xD)

And of course, lots of hydration, water is very important no matter where you go
We would call it Naan. They aren't the same thing I know, but it is what it is. Also, no judgement on the spicy noodles for bfast, that sounds yummy if I'm being honest.
We would call it Naan. They aren't the same thing I know, but it is what it is. Also, no judgement on the spicy noodles for bfast, that sounds yummy if I'm being honest.
Actually my bad ( had a little brainfart ) for trying to translate "roti prata" to English while realising that "prata" would've been the more accurate naming sceme ( I'm just too accustomed to adding "roti" to the front as that's how most local menus describe bread , hence you got roti naan, roti canai/prata(same thing), roti tisu, etc )

Naan I'd say is much thicker and more filling than prata, while prata is more on the slightly flakier side of things.

Nonetheless naan is definitely my next to go con food , haven't had those in a while.
The way it was explained to me (by my coworkers from India) is that Naan is actually kinda rare, as it needs a tandoor oven and the other types of flatbread are just easier to make at home. But I'm in the US, and we really only get those types of flatbread from restaurants, so we really only see naan. Add in culture blindness, and flatbread becomes synonymous with naan, no matter what type of flatbread it actually is.
That was a bit interesting to eat in armor.


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