what do u think would be better

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both have pros and cons.
pep might take more work but is more accurate and accurately proportioned.

the baseball hat already has a foundation to be built upon so you won't have to pad the guts.
but the pictures seem out of portion.
To me they both look like they would take roughly the same amount of work. With the pep version you have to do multiple layers of resin and fiberglass but with the baseball helmet one you will have a lot of trial and error making the pattern.
eh? i didnt make the base ball helm one.... did i? o_O

also i think a pep one looks better. the preportions will be better so it will look like the helm as apost to look kinda a bit like the helm

EDIT: oh i get it. his user name is BlindSquirrel. dunno if hes here.
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