What is your favorite version of any Spartan armor?

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I personally like the look of the upgraded MK. VI from Cortana modifying it between the events of Halo 3 and Halo 4. Halo 2 is still and will be my all time favorite Halo though.
Gen 1 CQB is a way of life. It's sleek, it's got high field vision, it's got panels and connection ports that make sense in the real world and it has a slick looking base colour scheme that only needs a bit of tweaking to look awesome.

Fictional future German engineering at it's finest. Thank you Beweglichkeitsrustungsysteme!
Fictional future German engineering at it's finest. Thank you Beweglichkeitsrustungsysteme!

Bitte sehr! You could say it`s "Deutsche Wertarbeit". :)

My Favorites are:

The Mark IV Grey Team uses

helioskrillpng-8e9abf (2).png

and Helioskrill of course! H5 Beta paintjob, or blue steel coulor scheme but Shoulderpads added - blue visor is sexy too:whistle:

2 very different, but awesome Suits.
The first has its simple form while looking bulky, brutal - used and dirty. You can almost feel the weight of the armor crushing you beneath it.
Intimadating! The second one is curvaceous, doesnt looke like a machine, almost like handmade work! Kinda resembles a medieval knight.
Looks like a luxury item.
I loved Emile's variant on his armor, like talk about being a sarcastic total badass. Him as well as Jorge where he was built like a tank but still a gentle giant. Both suits I want to make.


As a complete set? Probably Locke's Hunter set, though the GEN 2 Chief armor has grown on me. I also like the Hellcat chest piece, the Gen 2 Scout and Locus, along with several others.
The new Gen Armor of halo infinite i like the new old style look of everything...... i just wish they would use the olive green for the game i dont care for the litter green..........


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