What Kind of Spartans Would You Be In a Fight?


Do to some questioning on my "Who are you in the fight" thread I am creating this theard for their unrelated topic. So the question here is what kind of Spartan would you be in the Halo Universe? (NOTE THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE GAME CHARACTERS OR CHARACTERS IN ANY HALO BOOK YOU MAY BE LIKE THAT CHARACTER BUT YOU CAN NOT BE THAT CHARACTER). So to let you know you can choose to be a Spartan II, Spartan III, or Spartan IV. (NOTE NO SPARTAN I DUE TO THEIR MASSIVE FAILER RATE). So get creative with it are you a lone wolf? do you have a team? if you have a team who is in it? whats your team name? Lastly what is your fate and the fate of your team? Did you die like most Spartans? Did you get stuck on a shield world? what happened? So do yourself a favor and have a field day with this its your story the world may want to know it.
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\\TOP SERCRET\\authorized personnel only\\secret
--personal file—Spartan R-259—
~~Declassified files~~
Rick – 259 continues to impress me, it has only been two days since he was recruited and he is the first trainee that has ever managed to incapacitate a trainer and manage to hide away in the forest.—Day 3 R-259 is still hiding, (Deleted text) I am very glad I recruited him. Day 6 R-259 has finally been retrieved; it took 5 men and three stuns to finally take him down. (Deleted text) I am beginning to wonder why he doesn’t have a juvenile record.
-PERSONAL LOG- Sargent James Barns-
Chief Petty Officer Mendez seems to think I am incompetent because that crazy kid got the jump on me, apparently I am no longer a trainer, I am now the chief mess coordinator. I had hoped one day to get off this rock and get a ship of my own it doesn’t look like I am going to get that chance now (I hate my job).
That darn kid is still giving me trouble he somehow managed to get a hold of some steel pellets [I don’t know where he got them] but he seemed to enjoy watching as he fired them at me from across the mess hall, and somehow he didn’t get caught. And now after what Mendez is saying is “false accusations” I am being transferred off planet to so stinking cargo ship. (I hate my job)
• Name-Rick (Deleted)
• Recruited- 5/24/2521
• Rank-(Classified)
• Class - Spartan II
• Birth date-(Classified)
• Current location- unknown
• Last known location- Planet Reach high orbit
• Status- M.I.A.
Spartan R-259 is nearly the perfect weapon –NOTE- weapon not soldier – because all his commander had to do was point and shoot, this interesting effect is due to a 1 in a 1,000,000,000 chance that the augmentation process was a 100% success. No one knows how or why but his augmentation caused a change on the molecular level what the change was we still can’t fully tell but it allowed him to access an extra 20-25% of his brain. The results were astounding; he had immediate control over his memory giving him photographic memory or total recall. He immediately outclassed everyone in the Spartan program, he could calculate the time of a 12 mile run down to the millisecond, he no longer needed any sort of advanced training with any weapon, science, vehicle, or any other skill he could need, he simply picked it up as if it were nothing. [Any attempt to reverse engineer his augmentation has proved fruitless due to the fact that the serum has already dissolved completely in his blood stream.]
Spartan R-259 transferred to unknown deployment - ID tag was rescinded and pushed into the line of new use – tag given to Spartan Carter 259.
Active service record-(classified)
Final report (declassified)
Spartan R-259 was in orbit around the planet Reach when the covenant jumped in system Contact was lost shortly after. However it is the opinion of Dr. Halsey that R-259 is in fact in very good health, I however believe that he died onboard a covenant combat cruiser that seemed to have a catastrophic engine failure and exploded destroying two more cruisers in the nearby area. I also must admit that due to his incredible sense of timing and his capabilities as a Spartan it is possible that he survived, until further notice his file will read M.I.A. all one can do is hope.
James Barns, Captain U.N.S.C. Thunderbolt battle cruiser.

for more story --> http://www.forum.soaringhammer.com/viewtopic.php?f=111&t=1482

Jason 078

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For a more detailed explanation, see the link in my signature for my current novel where I am answering this question. However, for a brief explanation, here goes.

My name is Jason S-078. My specialty is tactics and command. During training, I was assigned Team Leader of Spartan Fireteam: White. This fireteam is made up of myself, Christy-081 (CQB), Gary-150 (Heavy Weapons/Demo), and Corey-134 (Sniper). Corey did not survive augmentation, so we were reinforced with Cal-141.

During a mission, we found a strange artefact. When we were bugging out, it caused our ships slipspace drive to malfunction and dropped us in the middle of nowhere, right next to a Forerunner Dreadnaught. The Covenant fleet wasn’t far behind, but our drive was down and the dreadnaught seemed the only way we would be able to get home. Somehow, Fireteam White got the AIs on the Dreadnaught to help us, and ended up getting some kind of a genetic enhancement in the process.

After a series of tests, ONI decided that Fireteam White was ready for duty, but then they reassigned us. Cal-141 was sent on a special sniper assignment and the rest of us were re-tagged Fireteam Knight and reinforced with Joel-A222 (Intelligence), Michelle-B007 (Sniper), and Melissa-B313 (Technician).

As Fireteam Knight, we went on a number of missions. One of the strangest was when we responded to a UNSC distress beacon and discovered the Forerunner world of Titan. There were no Covenant, but that did not make the world any less dangerous. Instead, we discovered some strange parasitical lifeform that was a nuisance and that the Forerunner tech was still active and decided it didn’t like us.

Then came the mission to capture a Covenant Prophet. It didn’t go as planned, because the Covenant decided to attack Reach. Christy, Gary and I were split from the rest of Knight with the Spartan-IIs. We ended up being rescued by the rest of the team, and assigned by Admiral Hood to pick up a “special package” from our old training compound. It turned out to be a group of Spartan-II, Class 2. Unfortunately, Gary and Michelle didn’t make it back from the mission.

We were reinforced with Angela-666 (Sniper) and Mike-489 (Heavy Weapons) by ONI after arriving back on Earth. Then, as if on cue, a Covenant battle group emerged from slipspace in the system. We fought in Cleveland and Sidney. During the battle, we received new orders to strike a Covenant site off world. When we emerged from slipspace, the site turned out to be a massive space station in the form of a ring. Translations from the signals it was giving off named it Installation 03.

The Covenant was waiting for us, though. During the fight, we discovered something called an Activation Matrix. Joel figured out what it was an how it was supposed to be used. He ended up sacrificing himself to “bond” with the system. That’s when he turned the defense systems of the entire ring against the Covenant fleet. The fleet didn’t last five minutes.

When we returned to Earth, we discovered that the battle had been won. That didn’t end our mission, though. ONI approached Fireteam Knight with a proposition to train a new group of Spartans, called Spartan-IV. During training, old aggressions reared their head. Innie forces infiltrated the program and it ended with Angela losing her arm. However, we were saved by a very unlikely recruit named Alexander Skeldgaard. His specialty was Intelligence and, as top graduate of his class, he took the offer to be assigned to the cadre (my team). I didn’t find out until later that he was actually my son (long story).

It was at this point that myself and Christy began having strange dreams, much like the hallucinations we encountered when we were first augmented by the Forerunner dreadnaught. I requested reassignment to an expedition ship for my team and was posted as Fireteam: Paladin on the UNSC Infinity. Because of my rank, I was also made XO of the Spartan Detachment under Commander Palmer (one of the finest Spartan-IV’s I had ever trained).

I guess I should mention that, because of the Forerunner augmentation, Christy and I don’t seem to age like most people. Except for most of my hair falling out after the augmentation, I haven’t really physically aged. On top of that, the augmentation gave us other strange abilities.


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Biographical Information
Birth Name: Alexander "Ax" Maxwell
Spartan Tag: A-191 (refers to himself as S-1911)
Homeworld: Gilgamesh
Date of Birth: January 28, 2529

Physical Information
Gender: Male
Height: 7ft 5in
Weight: 300lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown

Military Information
Affiliation: None (S-1911 is believed to have gone insane and went rogue)
Rank: Petty Officer Second Class
Specialty: Infiltration, Guerilla Warfare, Sniper Operations
Battles: Human-Covenant War
Last Known Location: Concord

Personal Information
Ax Maxwell A-191 was 8 years old when he was brought into the Spartan III Program. Being that he was much older and more developed than the other candidates, he proved difficult to indoctrinate during the training process. Physically he was up to any challenge, but the superconducting fibrification part of the augmentation process caused mental health issues. At first he only displayed minor lacks in discipline: Retagging his armor "S-1911" and stealing an EOD helmet from the armory. When questioned, Spartan A-191 answered: I'm not like the others, and I want them to know it." During the Human-Covenant War, he was demoted from Petty Officer First Class for painting his helmet and armor in grunt blood, sacking a covenant fortification, then broadcasting himself raising the UNSC flag and screaming "I am William Wallace!".

While slowly turning clinically insane, A-191 has displayed notable achievements, even compared to Spartan-II's. The Navy considered creating a new award when the Secretary of Space Command learned A-191 had sniped a Zealot with a M6C from a half mile. While the Pistol Sniper medal was never created, A-191 was presented a unique suppressed M6C chambered in 11mm Magnum. A-191 was recognized again just a few months later for his ingenuity. After running out of ammunition, instead of picking up the weapon of fallen marines, A-191 gathered a handful of slender metal tubes, and used them as javelins to impale covenant forces at medium distance. While the effectiveness of this tactic is still a subject of debate at war colleges, it was revealed during interrogations after the covenant defeat that the spear throwing Spartan was a symbol of fear.

Weapon Loadout
Custom SRS-99 Anti Material Rifle
Cartidge: 20x110mm
Capacity: 5 rounds
Terminal force: 43,500ft-lbs

Custom M6C
Cartidge: 11mm Magnum
Capacity: 20 rounds (extended magazine)
Terminal Force: 1,600ft-lbs

Also known to carry:
Suppressed MA-5B

Armor and Equipment:
EOD Helmet
Active Camouflage


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Biographical Information
Birth Name: grimsaw knight
Spartan Tag: F-859 (refers shadow)
Homeworld: New Harmory
Date of Birth: june 25, 2516

Physical Information
Gender: Male
Height: 6ft 8in
Weight: 257lbs
Hair Color: blonde (dyed black)
Eye Color: blue

Military Information
Affiliation: UNICOM
Rank: major
Specialty: Infiltration, intelligence gathering, black ops, and search and recovery.
Battles: incursion, Human-Covenant War
Last Known Location: (top secret)

Personal Information
grimsaw was the son of colonel timmerson knight force into the UNSC marine’s after an assert involving a known drug car tale. Grimsaw was not welcomed into the 23 platoon at first but when he broke the DI’s jaw when said, DI returned drunk and started fight grimsaw was welcomed with open arms. After thirteen years of military schooling, he was young and quite the soldier, until one night on his way back to his platoons training grounds grimsaw just disappeared. Two days later they found his body in the woods three miles for the training grounds a bullet hole right through his head, unknowing he was taken into the Spartan-II program, already at the rank of warrant officer grade 2, he was put with a squad of Spartans jack-021, joker-34, mami- 62 and dawn- 11 commonly known was shadow book. The squad was to recover a package behind enemy lines and told to lead them, chief petty officer mendaz said. “if this boy’s record has told me anything he won’t get haft the way.” And as predicted he didn’t but before that him and his squad and elimated all hostile force within a kilc of the starting location. Grimsaw was good just as a ODST but halsey was more and before she could put him in the augmentation talk to him colonel amborse took him and put him on ice as well as his squad. Two year’s passed before he awoke and was put through the S-III augmentation program after which he was put into a testing stage where a shocking discovery was found. Spartan dawn-11 was injured by a group of DI’s in SPI armor Spartan grimsaw just broke into a blood rage killing said group by using his mouth to rip their throats out. This was something that took the Spartan-II colonel to question, after three weeks of testing it was found that grimson was able to tap into the primal part of the mind a lot deep then any other Spartan, similar to a wolf protecting his cubs.
It wasn’t soon after this that he and his squad was put into service and fought rebels for five years until his first run into the covenant on new harmory he was sent to root of a arm’s deal who had his hands on three UNSC marathon class ships and was trying to sale them. But before they were able to follow him to them a small covenant fleet ( three cruisers and one capital ship) attacked, spartan jack,joker, and mami, when to defend an evac site while grimson and dawn was sent to recover a AI from an ONI research dig site upon avriel grimson and dawn both encountered a pair of spec op elite’s grimson acted before dawn and tackled one to the ground the other charged dawn knocking her to the wall and she didn’t move, grimson broke the elites neck and turned to see dawn down and the elite sword out and picked her up by the throat and held her high. At this point grimson snapped and punched the elite in the side it dropped her and turned to face him. At this point grimson pulled his helmet off and just looked at the elite, they both didn’t move. Until the elite rush foreword sword out front and sliced at him, grimson was quick so quick the elite didn’t notice that he had dropped down and had an M90 pointed right at his face before he fired. Harmory was lost, as well as the Spartan team, shadow book it wasn’t until the end of the human-covenant war did a beacon was picked up and a search team was sent. When they avriled they found five Spartan’s and fifty UNSC personal hold up in a ONI bunker. After a week of debriefings they were resigned to the Spartan branch but denied the option stating. “Shadow book is what we are, just give us a frigate and we’ll be on our way.”
Before they left and ONI agent gave them three AI’s for both him and their ship, and a list of opation currently under way. One where and old bother of their’s was on.

Weapon Loadout
MA5B custom with under barrel shotgun.

Heavy weapon
M16 rocket launcher single tube.

Also known to carry:
four combat knife’s
EO charges
And a bare frame DMR

Armor and Equipment:
SPI helmet
JFO armor


405th Regiment Officer
://ONI Personal File//:

Spartan 551

Personal Data:
Name: Mike
UNSC ID Number: 01512282488
Spartan Enlistment:3/25/2521
Birthdate: 8/24/2514
Home Planet: Earth
Rank: //Classified//

Brief Bio:
Spartan 551 was enlisted into the Spartan-III program at a young age. Effective in marksmanship and CQC combat. Excellent strategist and demolitions. Focuses on getting the job done by any means. First mission took out a whole town controlled by insurrectionist. Amazing handling in ground vehicles not so well with air combat. Prefers to be called "Harri." Possible memory link to past. Spartan 551 is stationed on Reach getting ready for ship deployment to protect Earth.

Combat Ratings:
Sharpshooting: 5
Energy Weapons: 8
Ground driving: 7
Gunner: 6
Air Units: 4

Mark V
ODST modified helmet
Breacher chest piece
Grenadier left shoulder
Mark V Right shoulder
UV [A] forearm
Grenadier knee plates
UV[A] Leg attachment
Colors: Steel and Teal

BR85 Heavy Barreled Service Rifle
M41 SSR Medium Anti-Vehicle/Assault Weapon
M6H Personal Defense Weapon System
2X M6 Frag Grenade
Thruster Pack


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Personal data found:

Spartan classification:-------data expunged

Name: Blythe (unconfirmed)
UNSC id: none, not enlisted, not commissioned
Birthday: --------data expunged
Birth planet: --------data expunged
Blood type: --------data expunged
Height: 7'2"(unconfirmed)
Reflex speed: ------data expunged
Coordination: ------data expunged
Strength:-------data expunged
Weight: 520lbs(unconfirmed)
I.Q: -------data expunged

last known location:------data expunged*

One of the first humans to get experimented on by Halsey and her team. No restraints were followed as were with the later Spartan(if you could call it that). Spartan augmentations successful. Semi-successful in integrating an a.I with his brain and nervous system, it was not a failure. How much the a.I integrated with test subject is unclear, as he appears to be unresponsive to any stimulus. Test mjolnir armor permanently attached, could not be removed once a.i was plugged in. experimental shields maxed out by the a.i to levels unseen since. Sensor array at levels unseen since. No outward show of emotion, but he appears to be waiting for something. Locked away in deep cryo stasis at unknown location. His augmentation data is a wealth of information that is gleamed by-----data expunged----


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://ONI Personal File//:

Spartan Echo-343

Personal Data:
Name: Ezra //Classified//
UNSC ID Number: SE343-SC6621
Spartan Enlistment:11/7/2517
Birthdate: //Classified//
Home Planet: Earth
Rank: //Classified//
Status: MIA

Brief Bio:
From the beginning, Ezra was one of the best Spartans. He was up there with Kurt and John. Although an exemplary soldier all-around, with a slight skill drop around energy-based armaments, Spartan E-343 excels in close quarter combat and stealth. He was always a little violent, and that may be why he is such a skilled assassin. Knives, he loves them. Any sharp objects really. When he gets his hands on an Energy sword… Wow. He seems more skilled than any Sangheili. Well known among the others as an assassin, he is the leader of Aqua-Team. Ezra and his team were aboard the UNSC Spirit of Fire when arriving at Harvest, and all prior engagements, leading up to the Battle of Shield 0459. We lost contact with him and the Rest of the SoF. His file reads MIA, as does the rest of the Spartans' files, but we're unsure whether they're keeping to the old saying, or if they really are Missing in Action. Hopefully the latter.

Human-Covenant War
The Battle of Harvest
Battle For Arcadia
Battle of Shield 0459

Combat Ratings:
Energy Weapons-6
Ground driving-8
Air Units-8

Mjolnir Mk. IV Armor Systems
Modified Black Visor
Bio-Foam Injectors //Prototype//
Active Camouflage
Scout Magnification Goggles
//Custom// "Lightweight" Suit Sound-Emission Dampener
Night Vision

Matte Black
Aqua stripe [indicating leadership]

BR55 [Suppressed, Modified M45 Tactical Shotgun Attachment, Custom Aqua Team Black-Aqua paint]
M6C [Suppressed prototype. Custom Aqua Team Black-Aqua paint]
Dual Combat Knives
Stun Grenades
Single Flare

Current Location:
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0947, 07 July, 2558

DOB | [REDACTED], 2526
HEIGHT | 6' 11"
WEIGHT | 270 lb


Joshua was originaly from Earth, but his family moved to Arcadia in 2526, just before humanity as a whole found out about the Covenant. Joining the SPARTAN -III program in 2532, he was one of the few SPARTANs to survive the Fall Of Reach, as well as the battle of Earth. Post war, he attained a hyper-lethal rating, becoming only the third SPARTAN after S-117 and B-312 to acheive this. He is currently assigned to the UNSC INFINITY, and is the leader of Fireteam Obsidian. One of few active SPARTAN assets to be qualified to fly GA-TL1 and F-41 strike fighters, as well as being a pilot in the original SABRE program.

He has been known to use the following weapons -
Suppressed MA37 ICWS w/ extended magazine holding 50 rounds.
Modified automatic M6C with custom 20 round magazine
Captured Sangheili assasination blade
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United Nations Space Command
Classified: //TOP SECRET// //YOUR EYES ONLY//

From: [Classified]
To: Captain Andrew Del Rio
Subject: Personal data found, per your query, as to “Unknown Spartan on Requiem”

Name: First: William “Will”; Last: [Classified]
UNSC ID: 0818
Birth Date: [Classified]
Birth Planet: Earth, Location [Classified]
Blood Type: O+
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Height: 5'10” Before Augmentation; After [Unknown]
Weight: 185 lbs, Before Augmentation; After: [Unknown]
Spartan classification: IV
Rank: Warrant Officer Grade 1
Last known Confirmed location: Reach

Documentation of Spartans
Classification: Opinion

Personal Opinion of Dr. Catherine Halsey

While William was in the Spartan Program he Excelled at Marksmanship and became almost as one with the SRS99 and the DMR M392. He was known for “clearing the path” so his other team mates, could transverse the ground to attack the enemy. When not “On Duty” he was known for his fun loving, wise cracking, (typically) happy demeanor. As per a quote said by John “Give William a gun with a scope on it and we can sit back a watch the bogeys fall like rain”

It is known that he did wear Red and Black and for some strange reason he hand painted a shield with two knives crossed under an “Elite” Skull with Three stars above the shield on his armor.
When Reach fell Williams' Status became MIA. It is rumored that a Spartan with the 0818 ID was on Requiem, but as to how he got there or why he was there, lending a “helping hand” in not as of yet confirmed. I would like to add that the Spartan 0818 was seen mainly with weapons that had scopes on them. Only rarely (according to eyewitnesses) did this Spartan ever use any other weapon.



You guy's have really impressed me with how in depth you have gone with your stories they are awesome! If you have ever wanted to share what kind of person you would be in the UNSC if were not a Spartan please check out my thread "Who are you in the fight" and share with us your story :D


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well thanks I would have put the one from my book up but I think I would lost you after the first five paragraphs.
"My" Spartan, or rather the main protagonist in my 50 page (and growing) FanFic (I hate the term fan fiction, it makes us sound nerdy), is a Spartan III team leader, whose team is assigned to ONI Section Three.

Designation: Petty Officer 1st Class Spartan B148 Anthony

Deep Reconnaissance
Advanced Forward Operations
Counter Insurgency Operations

Whatever the mission requires

Mjolnir Mark V
Operator UA/HUL Helmet
Commando Chest
Security Right Shoulder
Grenadier Left Shoulder
Grey/Black armor colors

Awaiting Mjolnir GENII

Bio: After being selected from Spartan III training group Beta, Anthony and his teammates were pulled from standard training, and assigned to ONI Section Three. They received Mjolnir Mark V prototype armor, a substantial upgrade from the SPI armor they had been training with. After 2 months of severe conditioning and training, the Spartan Team Scimitar went operational. They cut a swath through the enemy, whenever they were deployed, gaining the attention of the Covenant leadership. Soon, Elite Zealot strike teams were deployed to counter these Demons. Leading a small fleet, Shipmaster Koto' Vorramee and his team of Zealots hunt the Spartans.


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my name is hunter S-284 (jack of all trades) you could say im a joke im a spartan but a joke, im a spartan II i have red and green MK VI armor.
I sit on my ass and watch TV in my quarters on the UNSC frigate LAMB OF VIRTIUE waiting waiting for sarge,sal,fred,and mindy. waiting for them to come back.
you see two years ago on the planet Agolis sarge a spartan named lembert biggins led our spartan team into combat against aprroxiamtely 400 covenant troops.
at 0800 our pelican dropship landed in heavy fire and was partially disabled. our pilot me had to make a quick evac point for a group of ODST.
once i had picked the ODST up i flew back to the LZ only to find half a dozen covenant alive and no spartans no shell casings no anything. its like they vanished.
oh GOD THE NIGHTMARES I HAVE ABOUT THAT DAY [EXPLETIVE DELETED] ODST i know there dead spartans never die is [EXPLETIVE DELETED]! sorry i lost it there i just loved mindy so much...
she was special and i killed her //[END TRANSMISION]//

Two years later UNSC firgate HORN OF LASTING shes alive mindy S-587 is alive sarge is dead sal is missing a leg and fred is dead the good news is mindy is alive.
they surivied the covanant and they were taken by sangheli or as marines call them elites and were toutered mindy escaped with the team but unfourtanatly sarge and fred were caught and muredered in cold blood. mindy mindy oh her bueatiful blue eyes and her lush long black hair coupled with her wit and grace.
when we met again outside of this war if it ends im going to marry her. oh [EXPLETIVE DELETED] this is a commuinty log frequency thats why i hear those no brain [EXPLETIVE DELETED] marines above my quarters cackling.hold on let my get my M6H thats what i though jar heads. anyway i guess thats it . oh did i mention i have an AI his name is xaivier, xaivier log this channel off mark as classified.
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-Incoming message-
-Sender - CINONI
-For eyes of Admiral Lord Hood only-
-Subject *Redacted* -

-File reads-


Hope you are well, Terrence,

-End file-
idk if this thread is dead or if noone has seen it but I thought I would add my SPARTAN story to the others:

://ONI Personal File//:

Spartan 098

Personal Data:
Name: Chris
UNSC ID Number: 016020998
Spartan Enlistment:24/3/2521
Birthdate: 02/09/2514
Home Planet: Eridanus II

Biological Data:
Gender: Male
-Without MJOLNIR - 6'11"
-With MJOLNIR - 7' 3"
-Without MJOLNIR - 135kg
-With MJOLNIR - 455.6kg
-Pre-augment - Light Brown
-Post-augment - White
-Pre-augment - Dark Blue
-Post-augment - Silver

Brief Bio:
SPARTAN-098 was inducted at the age of 5. From the start he displayed extraordinary intelligence and fitness, the only other trainee that he considered even close to an equal was SPARTAN-117. S-098 was a loner, he preferred to do everything by himself and it worked for him, he got top marks in all classes and especially excelled at Close Quarters Combat; something about seeing his targets eyes energized him. He seemed to have an interest in whatever was new, he took to practicing as much as he could and it has made him into the best soldier possible. He has since upgraded to work with the S-4 armour systems. S-098 is active, current location is //REDACTED//.

Combat Ratings:
Sharpshooting: 10
CQC:10 - Excelled
Energy Weapons: 10
Ground driving: 10
Gunner: 10
Air Units: 10

S-4 'Warrior' Helmet
S-4 'Warrior' Chestplate
S-4 'Warrior' Shoulder
S-4 'Recruit' Forearm
S-4 'RG-63 Counter' Thigh
S-4 'RG-63 Counter' Shin
S-4 'RG-63 Counter' Boot
Colours: Sage with Forest Green stripes

ACR-920 Self-Contained Magnetic Propelling Rifle
MA5D Individual Combat Weapon System
M6H Personal Defense Weapon System (Modified)
Type-3 Refraction Dissonance Modifier


idk if this thread is dead or if noone has seen it but I thought I would add my SPARTAN story to the others:

-Without MJOLNIR - 135kg
-With MJOLNIR - 455.6kg
Yeah i just thought i had to point this out the MJOLNIR weighs between 1 and 2.5 tons (that is much more than 320kg {1 ton = 1000kg}) just a thought.

other than that i loved your file. :)
Yeah i just thought i had to point this out the MJOLNIR weighs between 1 and 2.5 tons (that is much more than 320kg {1 ton = 1000kg}) just a thought.)
I was basing the weight off of the halo.wikia page for John-117 so I apologise for the inconsistency with the books, I have read them and I do know the weights but I was tired, I think it was like 2AM when I wrote the file. Thanks for pointing it out though!


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you know what if you go to a con you should use these and be like the actual person.