What three things would you store in the chest of your Spartan?

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I'll throw my hat in the ring.

- CamelBak rigged up, because hydration is important
- Quest protein cookies, preferably snickerdoodle
- Ray Ban Aviators, for that Top Gun look

In Universe:
- Some sort of ridiculous morale patch, perhaps a "Reach Skating Rink" patch, that advertises the smooth as glass surface
- A little memorandum reminding me that they are called human rights
- Ray Ban Aviators, same reason as above

Alrighty, I took a couple minutes and used my extensive knowledge of Microsoft Paint and came up with this.

Just use some (read: all) of your imagination to see default armor Noble 6 casually skating across a sheet of glass, arms behind his back, with nary a care in the world.
*Noble 6 extending beyond the circular border of the patch is a design choice. . . I may be bad when it comes to making stuff, but not that bad.
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can I go for a swords of sanghielos/arbiter cosplay?

if so then:

how NOT to kill friendly elites vol.1
extra energy sword
the beginners guide to stoping elite civil wars

root beer
arby's burger
hand fan to put in helmet if I get hot
1. A photo of a woman. I don't know who, just going to google search "woman" then pick a random number and print that.
2. A Fingertech Banana for Scale....because you know.....banana for scale. Its a real thing!
3. A set of keys that no one knows what they go to.

This is both cosplay and in universe.
I think I've finally narrowed down my list.

1. Water
2. Duct tape
3. Museli bar

1. Water
2. Duct tape
3. A copy of a cassette containing Sarge's music we have to protect from the Covenant
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