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What's going on in the Southwest?

Discussion in 'Southwest Regiment' started by SavvyTank, Jun 15, 2015.

  1. SavvyTank


    I can't help but notice that it's been pretty quiet around here. Let's see what the Southwest is up to.

    Anyone going to cons, or any other events?

    Who might be up to hosting a gettogether now that it is summer?

    What are yall building and working on?

    For how many people live in the Southwest area this should be a lively group with lots of members.

    I know I have not been to active. Well in going to make an effort to do more and show off what I'm up to. I live an hour south of Houston. Anyone interested in doing something this summer?

    I really want to get back into building halo stuff, so maybe we can build off each others enthusiasm and get some stuff done.

    If you are interested, hit me up on the Facebook or post here. Let's use our forum. I'm tired of just seeing tumble weeds.

    If you need to know who I am on Facebook just pm me.
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  2. Termhn


    I guess we didn't post anything on the forums but we have on Facebook.. Phoenix ComiCon was a big success here in Arizona. We had 15+ spartans there, and I think we had a group of about 13 of us together at one point. If you look a couple weeks back in the Southwest group there's some photos, and I posted this in the overall 405th group yesterday https://www.facebook.com/groups/405th.halo/10153073908418152/
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  3. SavvyTank


    I understand. I see lots of pics of people that live in the southwest regiment area, but I look at the roster and activity and see nothing. There are only 37 members on the Facebook at the time I post this reply. The forum is even more unorganized from what I see. 2 roster from 2 sets of requirements. If we are going to do this let's do it right and get on the same page.
  4. MyrHerder


    If we're talking official roster, I think that's the RMO's job. But my vote is a spreadsheet (Google doc or on RMO's HDD) with these 2 forum threads and the Facebook membership consolidated. I actually made such a Google doc and PM'd it to the RMO for consideration.
    As for my activity, still finishing my ODST build for RTX. You can see progress in my thread (link in sig).
    And as far as Regiment activity, how about that official emblem Art posted on Facebook and Twitter? Anybody remember voting on that design? Cause I don't...

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  5. Termhn


    No voting took place. The 405th/Movie Prop Sites hired a team of designers to create a set of logos for all the regiments. They attempted to use the ideas that people had discussed/featured in the crowd-sourced logo threads for each respective regiment. The first versions were revealed to myself and the other regiment leaders about a week ago and we gave feedback before the final versions were made and now revealed to everyone. :)
  6. MyrHerder


    Good to know. Can't say I like it. I'll probably just use the 405th Division emblem on my armor for now. Maybe if we can finalize our design and replace that one...

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  7. RoxyRoo


    PCC happened. Everyone in Phoenix Team is taking a break. Plus, it's difficult to build in a garage during the summer. 115 degree heat is not fun, after all. However, some of us are stirring again with Halo 5 on the horizon.
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  8. SavvyTank


    I know how the heat can zap your motivation. It gets that hot here with %4000 humidity.
  9. MyrHerder


    Glad i finished my Dremeling and painting. Sitting on my couch sewing straps onto my odst armor in air conditioned comfort, watching youtube videos on the xbox. This is how I adult.

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