Whats the next step?

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405th Regiment Officer
So I built a thing, and I got lots of pictures. People cheered me on for the work I did. What do I do now?

So I got a new job, and I'm utterly rocking it, what do I do now?

So I had a kid, and it feels like the world is on fire, what do I do now?

So my costume wasn't what I wanted it to be, but I made it work, what do I do now?

Does this sound like you? Do these questions poke your rain on a level that's uncomfortable?

Hi, I'm PapaBraus and I'm here to show you our latest product!!!! Its called "the next step"!!! Let me show you how it works!

In all seriousness here ladies and gents, we all get blocked in with "what next" too often in our lives. We wait for someone else to tell us when, where, and what we should do. This mentality is going to do us no favors. We are in charge of us, and we should take the time to help ourselves. We are our biggest critics, and we can objectively judge our work. If your costume was awesome, but it could stand for some improvement, take the next step. If you have a chance at a promotion, take the next step. If you think you can do better at mowing your lawn, take the next step!!!

There is not a single person on this forum willing to hold you back. There is a litany of people on this forum here to help make you better than you think you can be.

Take. The. Next. Step.


I have listened to all of the books this man has written and there is true value in the words. I have lost so many opportunities by saying no, and not taking that step. I have only blossomed here, because of the uplifting nature that is 405th.

Take that step, and enjoy walking on ground you aren't used to.
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