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This question always seems to come up a decent bit so I figured "why not just make a thread?"

Post your printer(s) you use for props and costumes and if you like them! This is to help newer people figure out what printer they may want for starting their costuming adventure
  1. Printer Name
  2. Bed size
  3. What you've printed on it
I'll start!
I have a custom corexy printer and a Tevo Tornado
320x320mm bed
I've printed everything from magnums to Jorge armor on it!

Tevo Tornado
Armor, sniper, helmets, a whole lot of smaller stuff!

Personally I prefer 300x300 and above beds just because you do not have to split your models into as many parts making it easier to assemble.
Printer Name: Her name's Suzanne, after the Blender monkey.
Bed size: 300 x 300mm
Past prints: I've done a number of different things - prop guns, odd tools, parts to complement foam builds, puppet parts, and more recently, a bucket...

New arrival as of July!
Name: Suzanne Strong (this is where she belongs)
Bed size: 256 x 256mm
Past prints: So far; a few skulls, some pieces for the house, animatronic components, and hopefully soon some creature parts

She's a Shake, Rattle and Roll kinda gal, so I decided to use that to make printing at high speeds more fun
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Creality Ender 3
Bed: Size 220x220mm
Past prints: Lots of little things, does a great job with prop guns, even helmets and armor just have to split them up more.

Creality Cr-10 (My first printer)
Bed size: 300x300mm
Past prints: lots of helmets and armor. Anything that I can print in one shot so I don't have to glue it together.

Elegoo Mars v2 (resin printer)
Bed size: 129x80mm
Past prints: Small fine detail pieces.

I like the bigger printers the fewer pieces to put together and seam fill the better. The smaller printers have their place though they're typically the cheaper option to enter into the 3D printing world and you get the same quality just in a smaller form. I really want to get an Ender 5 plus here soon!
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Two Current Printers:

Prusa i3MK3s
25 x 21 x 21
I have over 300 days of print time on this beast. I've printed my entire MKVI suit and many props. I've also printed a bunch of non-Halo things too

Prusa Mini
18 x 18 x 18
Picked this up earlier this year and have been using it to crank out smaller stuff while the bigger printer is going.

I also might have a bigger Core XY printer on order too...
Currently I have six printers but am only running three, sometimes four.

Creality Ender 5 Plus (Big Cube)
Bed Size: 350mm x 350mm x 400mm
Modifications: Direct drive, all metal end, quality of life and cable management parts
Past prints: Most of an ODST, multiple helmets, multiple props

Tevo Tornado 2018 Green (Old Greg)
Bed Size: 310mm x 310mm x 400mm
Modifications: All metal end, fan upgrades, bed glass change, PEI print surface, quality of life and cable management parts
Past prints: Most of Daisy, parts of an ODST, multiple helmets, multiple props

Tevo Tornado 2019 Gold (Xerxes)
Bed Size: 310mm x 310mm x 400mm
Modifications: All metal end, fan upgrades, PEI print surface, quality of life and cable management parts
Past prints: Most of Daisy, parts of an ODST, multiple helmets, multiple props

Tronxy XY-2 Pro (Twonksy)
Bed Size: 250mm x 250mm x 260mm
Modifications: None
Past prints: ODST attachments, some small props

Hictop i3 (ABS Mule)
Bed Size: 260mm x 210mm x 250mm
Modifications: Glass bed, fan shrouds, board swap, quality of life
Past prints: Small props

Anycubic Photon (StinkBot)
Bed Size: 115mm x 65mm x 155mm
Modifications: None
Past prints: Miniatures and greeblies

The top three of them are my workhorses, I really want to like the Tronxy but it goes well for periods of time then goes down hard if the slightest issue arises. The Photon I honestly have stopped using for about a year since I don't have anywhere with adequate ventilation or a way to dispose of the mass amounts of hazmat related to resin printing.
Ender -5 (Not named yet but I did give him a pair of googly eyes to offset how serious this printer is) been printing somthing almost everyday for a year now.
The printer is stock, save for the quality of life parts I printed for it and two dampeners for the X and Y stepper motors.

Bed is 220mm X220mm with a 300mm build height.

I've printed my entire MKVB suit, full size DMR, Covenant carbine, M6C Magnum, plasma rifle, and some plasma grenades. That's just the Halo themed prints!

The Ender-5 has been super reliable with no issues that I likely didn't directly cause. The build area is middle of the road for some printers but I've never had much issue fitting prints on the bed. Only real issue is the bed tends to not stay level for too long. I don't have a BL Touch to have the printer auto level as it starts but it such a minor annoyance at this point.
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I have been rocking an Ender 3 pro for just under a year now. I think it's 250x250x300 (or maybe 250 again). Idk I never print things that take up the whole space...
Upgraded to a BLtouch, and replaced several fans though admittedly not with better fans... Glass plate on the bed tho and a creality enclosure.

I have printed a bunch of odds and ends. One full ODST SMG, one full SOCOM. small detail bits for my ODST. and some not Halo stuff. It has been great for enhancing the board game experience -custom pieces, dice towers, etc..

I will say kudos to anyone printing armor on a printer this small I mean, jeez I don't have the patience for that. You won't see me printing armor until I get something at least 350x350x350. I really enjoy printing with it and learning about 3D printing. It's a good printer and a good first printer for anyone looking to get into the hobby. Definitely going to move away from printing In ABS though. It's just too picky.
Print Volume: 300 x 300 x 400
Modifications: Direct drive conversion, BL Touch, Wham Bam build plate(s), cosmetic changes
Other: I run off Octoprint and installed a camera mount to the front of the bed for Octolapses
Past prints: All printed parts of my ODST, too many props to count, about 1/2 dozen helmets, various tools and storage devices for my crafting areas, misc. items that interest me. This one is my primary workhorse.
Thoughts: Thoroughly enjoy this printer. For the first 3 yrs of owning it I did practically no modifications, but I enjoy tinkering with it now.

Artillery Sidewinder X1
Print Volume: 300 x 300 x 400
Modifications: BL Touch, Wham Bam build plate(s), cosmetic changes
Other: I run off Octoprint and installed a camera mount to the front of the bed for Octolapses
Past prints: The second half of anything that doesn't fit (rare) or would take too long to print on just the CR-10 (for my comfort level), various tools, misc. items.
Thoughts: Also a good printer and significantly quieter than the stock CR-10. Liked that it was already direct drive and had a filament runout sensor.

Flashforge Creator Pro (no longer own)
Print Volume: 227 x 148 x 150
Modifications: Flexible build plate
Other: None
Past prints: Destiny ghost, Raze- Lighter, and Bolt-Caster; misc. parts; anything that would be better w/ an enclosure
Thoughts: It's ok. I wouldn't buy it now, but it was my first printer and has served me well. I like that it has dual extruders, but build volume is a huge limiting factor.

Elegoo Mars 2 Pro - Resin
Print Volume: 192 x 80 x 160
Modifications: Flexible build plate
Other: Take proper safety precautions
Past prints: Tiny details, lenses, miniatures
Thoughts: Latest addition and loving it. I built a small station for safety equipment (gloves, goggles, respirator) and accessories to keep nearby. Also set it up in a very well ventilated area and/or make a fume extractor. Adding a wash and cure station streamlines the post-processing of prints.
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Are we gonna have a big get-together where we can take our printers out to meet each other? It's OK, mine is really friendly, but I can bring a power cable leash if I need to.
You will need to bring something if you come here to the US. Your Australian power is different :-D
every print failed between 25-50% complete, bed will not level, even with the BL-touch, firmware does not install properly
Huh... Interesting. Seems like you should have been able to get your money back. That's a real bummer. The upgrade question is a good one. I wonder what's up with it. You looking to get rid of it or...?

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