[WIP] ODST Armor

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by llNomadll, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. llNomadll

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    Good news! I have finally completed the primer phase! I'm pretty happy with the results. For first try, I think it didn't turned out as bad as I had anticipated! :D

    But I do notice that the Chest Plate is still not smooth. Any tips?
    Or should I use this to my advantage and use at is a "worn" effect?

  2. llNomadll

    llNomadll New Member

    Advice..? Anybody..?
  3. calladar


    worn effect. i found that the "mess ups" end up looking better as worn or "battle damage" than anyting i could have planned or tried to do myself. work with the painting effects can make it stand out or even almost not be noticible.
  4. Roadkiller

    Roadkiller Well-Known Member

    Spotting and Glazing Putty, normally used with auto-body filler ("Bondo"), will help fill in those "pen holes". These are the annoying indentations the size of the end of a pen. Put it over the affected area in a thin layer, let dry (read the label, about 10 - 15 minutes) then sand.


    Once you've gone as far as you feel you can with auto-body filler ("Bondo") and the spotting and glazing putty, I am finding you can still gain some smoothness with the primer. Use a good quality primer and apply several layers, sanding with a high grit paper in between.

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