Wip: Skip's Boba Fett Bucket

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Al Amend

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I posted this on the THD but I thought you guys might be interested on my attempt at Skips Boba Fett Pep.

Here is the bucket and ear pieces all pep'ed and ready for the next step.




I added fiberglass a day later. I let the fiberglass fully cure overnight and added the bondo and began sanding. I'm almost done sanding the dome completely smooth.


Let me know what you guys think.
Nope I just printed right out of the Pep program, and it was a perfect fit. My baseball cap size 7 1/8 if that helps
Sorry, for all three of you following this post ;) Ive been busy with work, school, and mostly COD 4 MF2. I did a couple of things as you'll see below. I used foam as a mold and poured added resin in the key slots and to the side of the head where the range finder is attached. I'm also starting to cut out the arrows on the front of the head. I need other tools to complete the job so hopefully I can start dry fitting all of the components soon. Let me know what you guts think.


On a side note:

I have my R2 dome 90% done :)

Looks awesome, that helmet is turning out very well. And nice R2 head! You building one of those crazy robot ones or just a display piece?
I would like to make a Boba Fett costume...but I like Jango Fett better.

Nice work.Can't wait to see the R2 that your working on.
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