Wow, I really should have lurked moar.

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I didn't realize how many "amateur film-makers" this frigging place gets in a day. No wonder you guys thought I was trying to play a scam. o_o
I got to thinking about it and I figure I'd show some of the stuff I've done. As of right now I've not done any short films or projects like that but I do play with my camera - daily. It's just a lot of stuff I can't share or just wouldn't be interesting so I don't waste my time posting it.

Jan. 25th 2010 - Video I took documenting the crazy day of weather we had around were I live at. First we had flooding early that morning and then after the flooding ebbed we got a.. snow storm?

The Fire Department I'm apart of and I - before it changed hands in leadership - planned on producing a bi-weekly series called "Playing with Fire." In which we'd highlight the runs for the previous two weeks and discuss apparatus and fire science. This was the original concept promo.

Again, related to the prior post, a series of on scene photos of Apparatus for the now defunct series.

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hey welcome to the site...

ok now that i have that out of the way since you only have 12 posts... im gonna start being really harsh beans. not to make you angry or anything but its just an obvious conclusion.

lurk alot more! everything on this website takes a long long time. EVERYTHING. if you dont have the patients then this hobby is not for you. since the website is kinda messed and we lost a bunch of stuff due to bad hosts and alot of recent bad decisions by the staff it will be harder for you to research anything.

so as for amateur film goes... how about not at all. we get alot of people asking to do this.. it takes years to pull stuff off like this and no one... and i mean no one gets help because they want it free. also i watched your videos.... these arent even worthy to be in a portfolio. so you have a some home movies and slapped tape over. woopie. anyone can do that. and it looks like your useing windows movie maker? really? i dont think any filming you should do would be good anywhere. take some film classes and try your luck with real amateur filming. someone with a camera is not an amateur... someone with the random camera that does nothing interesting with it is.... well how to say this nicely... like a 5 year old with a chainsaw.

alot of people make what they think is amateur films. but once they are watched by real people other than their friends and family... often times they get ground pounded because of how bad it is....

also you need a way way better camera. and their is no real audio either so i cant make a good judgement on that. but you need to really sit down and do some real work if you want to make a film... especially with halo armor. research, lots of learning, and a bunch of cash is how this idea of yours might work..

now your profile says your 26? from the stuff on your youtube.. i would think your real age is around 16-20 at most. but stick to what you know. if you want to pursue this film thing you need lots of work... to use armor that takes even longer. i made a high detail siut in 6 months.. and a low detail work in 4.. alot of work, time, and money is needed in this hobby.
Wow you said you'll be "harsh beans" but you came off more like you're being a Douche-McBlowhard. No offense man, but you should also look at the dates on those videos 2008 and they were all taken via a movie feature on a small digital camera. Of course they look like sh*.

Aside from that I can appreciate your criticism. You're right things take a lot of time and that's why the podcast that you're so quickly to dismiss is currently in preproduction and will be for no less than three months. Right now I am just learning what I should expect to pay - emphasis on pay - actual sculpting artists for 3D renders, casts, and other detail work.

I can respect that 405th gets a lot of scammers and recasters who lie, cheat, steal, and generally suck the life out of the community. I am not one of those and if it wasn't for the fact that the majority of the forum has been accepting of my being here and some of the awesome people and builders I've met so far I'd probably let you and the rest of the bitter few on this board run me off.

I'm a cosmetology student working on getting myself into make-up arts and effects. I'm not there yet and I know it. I certainly don't need someone thinking they're doing me a favor by ranting and raving at me on a forum about how I am not.
Sid, I'm really sorry about that comment. The 405th definitely does not want to run you off. We want you here, and definitely do not want that kind of commenting. Fluffy, can you please put a little thought into the next comment you leave a new member? That came off really bad, even if you didn't really mean to offend him.
I'm with HeavyGunner, that was NOT a nice comment, nor was it your place. It in NO way showed what the 405th stands for.

Welcome to the 405th sid, if you ever need anything just PM me (when that's fixed of course ;) )
Welcome to the 405th! That first video reminds me home here... very rainy... But anyhow, I hope to see a short film from you. :)
Is it me or is this not the first time I've seen fluffy bash the hell out of someone?

Sorry for the extremely rude welcoming Sid, as you say some people on the forums are bitter whereas others are quite welcoming.
Welcome to the 405th, hope things start to brighten up for you.
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