Xbox ruined my game. :-(


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I got the Legandary one and everything but when I put it in today it started making a click, click, click noise. Then it said there was a proplem with the disc, so I took it out and it was all scatched up! And it won't work anymore! Is there a way to fix this proplem without buying a new game?
Xbox Has a Disc replacement program it's 20 bucks and they send you a new disc

Here's the link:

Reach is not on the list of games for replacement but Microsoft may add them soon. . .

otherwise you could try a CD repair kit, depending on how bad the scratch it may or may not fix it. . .

My friends Xbox scratched up his ODST, twice so the second time he just gave it to me and used the Microsoft thing

Also, you may be able to take it to the store you got it at (gamestop hopefully for you) and see if they'll replace it.

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And how effective is one of those?

It only seems to work on shallow scratches, but that should take care of most of your problems...unless you've been viciously gouging out the plastic with a pocket knife, like me. I'd have a video up, but my computer is refusing to cooperate. D:
dont use those home kits. i work in a game store where we do in house disc repairs, and ive had to fix sooooooo many discs that people have run thru the home units. id check your local game stores to see if anyone offers just the resurfacing service. if not, id be happy to do it for free at my store. the only problem is you would just be without a game for a week or so due to shipping.


This happen to me with my first HALO 3 game. Usually it happens when you move your console while the disk is still in the tray. It can sometimes pop out of where it should be so when you start it up your box tires to read it so the disk begins to spin. This is where it gets all scratched up.

Just be sure to take out any games in the tray before moving it. Good luck with trying to replace it.