Xbox scam?

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Earlier today I received an e-mail as follows:

XBOX 360 Delivery Confirmation
To: ***********@*****.ca
Member #13X127

We have been trying to reach you in order to deliver your free XBOX
360/ .

Please verify your shipping address and zipcode.

Rewards Gateway has given you this XBOX 360 / and follow the
instructions on our website.

Please visit our website and verify your zipcode:

Thank you and ENJOY!


Mary Henderson
Customer Service Rep.

Now, despite the name indicated at the bottom of the e-mail, the e-mail address shown was "".

A little bit suspicious if you ask me, considering the fact they hadn't tried to contact me before. No phone calls, no e-mails, nothing. Not before today.

I only went so far as to open the e-mail, but did not click on any of the links in the message as I was a little leary as to whether or not it may cause some damage to my computer (ie. virus). I'd suggest no one else try opening the above links, either.

So... anyone else receive this "confirmation" e-mail? Can anyone shed any light on this? o_O
To "correct" you:

It's SPAM, not scam. :D

I get it all the time and stuff, and if they really were sending you a free Xbox 360, it would be because they had a surplus of them and Microsoft allowed it.

So I doubt it's real. And the Email address is wrong like you said.
My friend got a free ipod from or whatever the website is, he did 1 offer, got 4 other friends to do the same free blockbuster movie offer, he got a old 5g 30gig ipod for free. All he had to do is use his parents credit card number to get a free 2 week trial of blockbuster movies, then cancel it after 2 weeks, same for his buddies.

Works for the same company too, but for a 360, you'd do more offers and more friends to do them, it isnt worth it to me unless you have tons of friends willing to do so, but I doubt mine would, so I'd rather have 350-400 bucks and go to best buy.
They prob have some first gen 360s they got for virtually nothing and are most likely 'as is' without waranty so if it breaks or is DOA, tough, what you expect for nothing, NIB, with full waranty?
It's quite obviously fake, the site mentioned is marked red by McAfee site advisor. I'd do a scan of your PC if you visited that site.
No. This was on the news! Online scams have been using real major company names and stuff like that to trick you into it being official. Xbox and Macy*s are trying to sue the people behind this. So please don't fall for it!
Please visit our website and verify your zipcode:

Like everyone else has said, this is spam. If they have your email address, they probably have your name, and if you give them your zipcode, that's all they need to send you loads of junk mail.
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they're always scams. no one gives away free stuff. like the fact there were halo 3 free stuff before august... yep....
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