Yodajammies' Perpetual Clay model thread

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oil based modeling clay is NOT working.

I've switched over to a wax based plastiline clay (darker green)

This is taking wayyyyy longer than I expected it to. esh.
I'd match the respiration tube grooves up perfectly. Simply because there are 7 on each side...lol.
Unless It's too late, I mean, how do you keep water clay from drying or cracking on the helm from shrinkage?
yeah, I haven't figured out how I'm going to get those vents perfect.

It's a wax based clay, so it doesn't harden in air.
Went to a "store fixture supply" store and got a torso for my chest piece. MAN that place was creepy! And I thought that fetish shop where we got the cortana suit was weird - Imagine a warehouse full of dead eyed mannequins with huge boobs and anatomically correct goods. eep. :eek:
Not open for further replies.