( You know you're a 405th member when...)

Lieutenant Jaku

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You know you're a 405th member when you always have foam.
I think I spotted another...


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When you take 100 pics of Owen at Halo Outpost as motivation to up your cosplay game

And the frist thing you want to do as an odst at the outpost is be seating on a crate wearing odst armor and you looking like one of those guys from halo 3 during the cutsence before the mission the ark... plus just want to be the one to say "just dont trust anything that section 3 egg head tells you, theirs more out their then what hes telling you."


You know your a 405th member when, you find out your going to be an uncle, and you realize alot of your time is going to be making smaller suit of armor for the next 12 years... btw not joking this is me right now I'm going to be an unlce... help.
I have a girl on the way myself. I’m in the same boat...at least small armour might fit fully on my printer.
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