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( You know you're a 405th member when...)

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Talk' started by RYNO 666, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. RYNO 666

    RYNO 666 Well-Known Member

    I saw this in another forum and I thought it had some great similarities to what we armor builders and cosplayers go through.

    Just add your own funny conclusion to "You know you're a 405th when...."
    Have fun!

    You know you're 405th when you miss friends and family because you're (Pepping)! They don't understand... We DON'T have a drug or addiction problem!"

    You know you're 405th when you spend more time on 405TH FORUM than with your family or on Facebook/Twitter.

    You know you're a member when your wife or girlfriend doesn't understand why you spend so much time "fixing" a (completed build).

    So what's your best "You know you're a member when...."

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  2. Harri51


    when you see something and go "OMG this will make my build elite!"
  3. morkar78


    When you go outside in the driveway to work on you armor even if weather.com says "feels like -20 Celsius"....
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  4. RYNO 666

    RYNO 666 Well-Known Member

    Lol! I'm sanding outside right now and it's 29℃

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  5. foxleader


    when you have to pick up you little brother from the bus stop in lower ODST and all the kids start rocking the bus. and yes that's with a SMG on the leg.
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  6. glasscutter

    glasscutter Jr Member

    When you walk into GameStop and ask if they have Halo 3. The clerk asks why you waited so long to play it and answer "I did already, I need it again for reference pictures to build a Mark VI suit". Then watch as half the store stops and stares in confused and strange looks.
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  7. Crimmson


    when you consider your join date as an anniversary and celebrate it.

    (yeah you just read that)
  8. MissingSpartan7


    When you can ID and name nearly any armour part or permutation from memory - up to, and including Halo 4.
    (I can only claim ~60% on H4)
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  9. rickrtickr


    when you walk into a gamestop and tell the employee that you are going to be at the midnight release of a halo game in full spartan armor (and they don't believe you, but still intentionally manage to get their shift moved so that they can be there) and when you show up they have a "freak out" moment. <-- true story
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  10. tabris89


    When no matter where you are shopping, you think to yourself, "hmmm, i shouldnt buy that, but how can i use it on my armor...?" And you buy it anyway :D (then probably never use it on your pep!)
  11. PHIL 907

    PHIL 907

    When your computer documents are 50% pepakura files :D
  12. foxleader


    or halo related documents, yes I have HBO files from it's start.
  13. foxleader


    did that with help from a manager. I was in a drop down celling and five minutes till midnight I dropped down SSMG pointed at the only security guy and just said "are you feeling luck, well do yea punk"
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  14. S323

    S323 Jr Member

    When you learned how to use bondo, fiberglass and resin not from repairing cars, but from making armor. :D
  15. ferret304

    ferret304 New Member

    This. Very much this
  16. RYNO 666

    RYNO 666 Well-Known Member

    YKYA405TH when you exercise not for health but so you can fit in your armor.

    When is the next Con? Oh man I gotta hit the gym.

    These are hilarious btw.

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  17. Virti


    When you see foam core, floor mats, or poster board in the trash and you have to pick it up
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  18. foxleader


    when the cops come to your house because someone seen high power rifle out on your lawn.
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  19. SniperWolf


    When build materials end up on your grocery shopping list.
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  20. foxleader


    when at work you have a note pad with the items you need and a picture of ODST armor in you're living room on your locker. (yes once my man cave is done it will be a armory.)
  21. Once you start waking up in the middle of the night after dreaming of some new way to mod or add too your creations
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  22. foxleader


    (under barrerl shotgun/ grenade launcher/ SMG/ rail gun/ for a MA5.)



    "you know you're a 405th junkie when you can name every armor in every game...

    AND recall every good build on the site when you're talking about it with somebody"
  24. Harri51


    when you sit bored and turn on the xbox to double check your build and keep booting people out because they keep killing your model.
  25. rickrtickr


    when you finished the first part of your build (helmet, forearms) you wore them around for days (striking poses - even though it was only one piece)
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