Your favorite Halo cutscene and why.

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Dot said that 60% of the UNSC fleet was diverted from various deployments (meaning a bunch of ships scattered throughout the galaxy), and that the first battlegroup was scheduled to arrive in 48 hours. With most of the Covenent fleet already at Reach when the first battlegroup arrived (probably not more than a handful of ships, a typical modern-day Navy battlegroup consists of about 5 or 6 ships), it would have been wiped out quickly and probably a long distance from Reach, since a UNSC ship typically comes out of slipspace outside of a solar system to avoid accidentally emerging into a strong gravity well. Each battlegroup arriving after that first one would probably be as quickly wiped out as well.

This is getting crazy technical, and starting to take away from the cut-scene thread. Perhaps someone should start a Halo debate thread.
The one that stuck to my head the most and always gives me goose bumps:

Begins at 33:20

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When I read a Halo novel, this is how I see the Spartans in my head:
This'll probably always be my favourite clip. For one main reason. The Spartans are ACTUALLY efficient.

I love the Halo lore, and in the books, the Spartans were made out to be incredibly fast, insanely strong aswell as very acrobatic, however, in the FPS Halo's, your Spartan is limited to running, jumping, shooting & punching. Which hardly seems like a huge upgrade from an ordinary human. This is of course to maintain the gameplay, as it is still a first person shooter. My reason for loving this cutscene in particular is because, to me, this is what a Spartan in Halo should REALLY be capable of.

It's a shame the Forge/Arbiter fight wasn't as dramatic, though Arbiter has some nice lines in there.

PS: I'm not actually an RTS gamer at all, I love Halo Wars JUST for its cutscenes.
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I like that scene in halo wars as well, btw Spartans have been outside of a ship in slipspace (convenent unsc ship hybrid part & slipspace battle). Jus sayin.
first strike I know. "damn it girl why'd you'd have to go and die." I think that was the quote a little after the pelican crashed well in slipspace.
I got two actually. The drop pod intro to Halo 3:ODST. I love the perspective cut scenes, they give the most action and depth to a situation. My second would be the escape (failed escape) and fall from forward unto dawn from Halo 4. I think it is awesome that the amazing with the ripping apart as the chief makes it and then chief doesn't get to the pods in time and is thrown around like a rag doll. Showing more of the he is human kinda after all.
well now after replaying the game I don't know who many time I like the end of LNoS from reach/ it's a good sence it's got that feel from halo wars when forge was telling the Spartan to let him do it. but then you would need him to round house kick six in the back to knock him off the ship. lol that would have been funny to see.
Think I'm going to have to go with the Spartan Op's cutscenes.
More specifically the ones with Halsey being naughty.

Love finally seeing her doing her thing outside of the novels!
All of them. The end. Hahahahahaha. But seriously, the opening and ending to Halo 4 got me. I can't name how many scenes in ODST had me chocked up or on the edge of my seat. Reach had me wide eyes and I loved the Halo Wars scenes. All so good.
All of them. The end. Hahahahahaha. But seriously, the opening and ending to Halo 4 got me. I can't name how many scenes in ODST had me chocked up or on the edge of my seat. Reach had me wide eyes and I loved the Halo Wars scenes. All so good.

Totally agree. My personal fave has to be the end of halo 4. Not ashamed to admit I cried.
mine has got to be when forge gives his life to set the bomb off in wars even when a spartan was going to do it no questions asked shows how much he was committed to this war , knowing the spartan was more important than himself
the opening to halo wars is my new fav, it's what the war was like with out a Spartan around.
Probably all of them. Failing that, it's a toss up between ODST's Prepare To Drop sequence, or the sequence that is The Storm, Floodgate, and The Ark (Only the intro).
One of my personal favorite's has to be in 343 Guilty Spark when Master Chief reviews Jenkins recorded footage precluding to the introduction of the Flood. Just the sheer creepy factor of that cut-scene is just so memorable to me.
Jenkins cut scene is great! Elements of Predator and Aliens are all in there...
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Ending of Halo 4, where 117's walking through Spartan Town and making everyone else look short is one of my favourites, but the all time best is Johnson's tank speech in New Mombasa in 2, which ends thus:
'Pull yourself together, because you're goin' with him!'
I have a couple
Halo CE: When you land on the halo and you see how big this place is and When chief asks how much firepower he needs
Halo 4: On the bridge with Chief and Lansky and chief says "She said that." and when Lansky asks about clearing LZ's
Halo 2: where Cortana stays behind and Chief says he is finishing the fight, and Johnson's tank speech and then says "Oh I know What the ladies Like."
Halo 3: Chief picks up the AR or when he finds Cortana
ODST: Prepare to drop, Buck finds DARE and says "Well Here I am." (Firefly fan), and when Sargent Johnson has a chat with the alien.
just for starters
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