Your favorite Halo cutscene and why.

Zuka Vadam

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My favorite cutscene... that's a hard one. I don't think I have a favorite one. Some of the ones that I love are when the Covenant absolutely smacks the UNSC or when Johnson says something funny. I like that in Bungie's Halo, the Humans have no hope of winning, it is only about how long they can survive. the only reason the did survive was because Truth was stupid and backstabbed the Sangheili. So, my favorite ones are when they show the supreme power of the Covenant.


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Mine has to be and still is, the epic war battle between humans and covenant on reach with that big opening with the two armies clashing.


Halo 2 anniversary cutscene for me. They're certainly magnificent. Too bad that I ran into playback bugs more than a couple of times during my co-op playthrough on Steam just recently. Sometimes a cutscene would end prematurely, or there'd be no audio. If I hadn't already played this years ago on Xbox One I'd probably be pretty annoyed.

Hein B287

I think i'll have to go with the halo wars one in the control room. The big fight where they have to defend the FTL core. The fight between the spartans and the elites is just epic. Also sergeant Forge facing off againt the arbiter was awesome. His line when he killed the arbiter was great XD

"For the record, I would've kicked your ass the first time if the lady hadn't stopped me!"”


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When the zealot class elites jump noble team in the comms station or whatever at the beginning of Reach.
"5 & 6, clear the hole!". That whole cut scene gets me so hyped up it's ridiculous. Idk if it's my favorite but it's awesome.

Sierra Charlie

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I will always give it to the opening scene to ODST when you're dropping into hell, and you can see first hand the awesomeness of the carrier, and of course, its always fun to see ODST doing their Orbital Drop


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Top favourite, of course, has to be during Halo 2's Scarab scene.
"Oh I know what the ladies like."
Apart from that it's also the ODST opening but for a very different reason. It's during the text that shows up, and really it's one simple line.
"We are losing."
I feel this is what sets the early Halo games apart from most other Sci-fi stories. Instead of the protagonist (in this case humanity) always getting the win in the end, even narrowly, we're fighting a losing battle. Our technology is primitive to the covenants. We hardly stand a chance of winning. We're staying alive for as long as we can, protecting our most valuable asset - Earth.


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I think the one that sticks with me most is in Halo 2 when the marines are flying through mombassa and the message just repeats "Regret, Regret, Regret."

Johnsons response just really captures a lot of the energy of that game for me and I really like that joke.

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