Zerebin's Master Chief Armour

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Howdy all... I'm building up the Master Chief for a the Supanova Brisbane 2008 Convention in April and work is proceeding ontime, but i thought i might show my Brothers and Sisters here, my helmet which is the peices closest to completion.

Pepakura Model is Flying S's and it's slightly larger than the norm, cause my head is VERY VERY large. For all the 501st guys out there, i can't fit a Altmann's Royal Guard, or a AP TK helmet. Let alone a Biker Scout :(.

Still to be finished..

Visor Polish..
Small bits of Weathering...



Hopefully now you guys will let me post in the proper Forum.. :p


The Visor is a Iridum Relfective gold visor, it's 99% one way, the 1% is close range flash photography in a dully lit room :p


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i rlly need to work on my pep skills lol. every time i try and put one together its a lil bit lopsided =/
but urs looks so perfect, and im loving that paint job so far looks like its been thru hell and came out pissed off

good job


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Have you done the body/arms/legs yet? more pics please, your helmet is way too cool, we need to see the whole suit!


That...is...AWESOME!!! Wow, great job on that helmet. One thing you're missing is the black vents on the side. Anyway, again, great job! :D


Excellent Spotting Gunnz777, i forgot to have that on the list of things to do. But don't worry, i know it's there :p.

Anyway, i have got my hand plates done as well, fibreglassed, weathered and got some sexy gloves too, RoboGenesis Model too :D


I'll make up a Tutorial when i start weathering my next peice shall i, i'll take pics of the completely fibreglassing stage from Primer to finished. I borrowed the method from the Video of the guy spraying the silver paint onto a paintbrush and then painting the edges, i loved that method so i decided to use it for the Silver edging. The grime is easy enough too, Black paint... I paint the black paint into the recesses and leave it for afew minutes and sponge some of it off. Also, grime is basicly paint the whole helmet in black paint, very generous, not too liquidy, but enough to stuck to the outside and Buff the black into the helmet. It gets in all the nooks, crannys and holes. For some added touchs, i even paint the gold visor for abit and rubbed it off by hand. Thus the finger prints. I though, if the chief got crap on his visor, he'd rub it off quickly by hand, so u can see paint and marks on the visor and well, vision isn't interfered with and yeah, looks okay. Btw, i only painted the gold visor in the back edges, not the front :p i'm not an idiot :p

But yeah, Buff in black acrylic paint. Make things look worn.

I'll make a tutorial when i make up the chest peice.

Ooooh for those who wanna know....

100% Finished Pieces...

Hand Plates. (Robogenesis model)

95% Pieces...

Helmet (Flying Sq :D)

20% Peices...

Left and Right Forearm
Chest Peice.

0% Pieces

Everything else!


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The helmet is looking awesome! It's really cool to see someone else working to get their armor done in the same timeframe as me :D (Armageddon here is about two weeks after Supanova)

Zerebin said:
Tamiya TS-28 Olive Drab 2 :D
It's basically the perfect color isn't it, I used the same on the Recon :) I'm really liking your weathering too

BTW you're on the Flagship Eclipse site right? I spent ages trying to remember where I heard the name ;)
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