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    I finished Halo 3 On January 1, 1753?

    no you become a captain grade 1 at 100 exp and lvl 20 and captain grade 2 at 150. LT grade 2 comes after 200 for some odd reason. Does anyone have a grid or spreadsheet of the ranking? we should all as individuals email bungie for a flowchart
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    Here it is, rought and uncut...

    thats sweet i hope i can get at least that amount of detail instead of just the sanded fiberglass look
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    My H360 & Exclusive Downloads

    advertisements only come up once if the account you have is an adult account if you were under 18 when you started you account and you put it in your name, then its permanently a child account, as well as you cannot use Chat IM as a child account. there is no way for microsoft to change you to...
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    Armor Coat expanding foam helmet(updated)

    thank you link for stepping in... they needed a e-slap in the face by a moderator.
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    Armor Coat expanding foam helmet(updated)

    the 3 of you need to drop it. Its not an important argument. Not to mention the double post by you andrew.
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    Armor Coat expanding foam helmet(updated)

    get back on topic. If you have issues take in to pms or make a chat room or something.... end of story. please?
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    Armor Coat expanding foam helmet(updated)

    you subject yourself to negative criticism posting anything on the internet. but i think it looks really good despite the overkill on battle damage. Congrats
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    Full armour in 10 days (Update Sept 19)

    good luck. lol only 8 days and something hours
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    What should i use to cut cardboard?

    i agree with andrew, there is no fault here. Back on topic: btw i think that scissors and box cutters work well. How are you using the cardboard? reinforcement or making your armor out of nothing but cardboard
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    xomanowar that was completely unnecessary to bring this back up from how old it was. :mad:
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    Made some functional vents, should i use them? pic inside.

    mando how did you do that? i tried with the wire covers but could get it to look good. Please PM me or answer here ASAP i'm glassing tomorrow (helmet last) and i wanted to do this well before i finish the helmet
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    Which is better

    People this isn't a place to post those questions. Look on ebay, i got mine for 10 bucks total of 19.00 shipped. Search for topics then if you don't find it make a new topic, but i guarantee there is at least one topic talking about your same problem.
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    Which is better

    I'm at a stage where i'm about to fiberglass the helmet but i don't know whether to put the visor in or not? please post why you answered they way you did
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    Wiring LED TO helmet

    what do you mean? i used a pair of scissors to put holes in the helmet they stay pretty well if the hole is made small enough. but i assume hot glue can be used.
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    Wiring LED TO helmet

    thanks edit: Btw i found this diagram i found it quite useful when wiring. ground meaning back to the negative part of the battery