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    3d Model Of Mark(?) Spartan? Helmet!

    Nice work, what software are you using?
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    My Mk Vi Armor (work In Progress)

    Good job, keep up the good work
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    Fiberglassing The Outside

    Be careful if you use the foam, that could ruin the shape of the needles, I would go with resin and bondo. You CAN fiberglass the outside, but you'll run the risk of losing a lot of detail, or you will end up spending a lot of time sanding and finishing the surface. I know of people that have...
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    Eva Helmet?

    Please do HeavyGunner, I'm going to PM you, and Enrisan, do you have the links to photos of it?
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    Eva Helmet?

    Does anyone know of someone that has created the EVA helmet? I'm trying to find reference pics and basic scaling examples as well as how one might make the visor. Help would be appreciated. For those who don't which helmet is the EVA this is the pic. [attachment=8050:E_V_A.jpg]
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    My M6g Halo Pistol Pics!

    Any primer can be used as long as the model isn't handled by hand, The printer belongs to the tech center that I intern at, I basically run the station so... I get all the benefits, but I still have to pay for material and printer time. As for the third question, yes, you can create anything...
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    Sniper Prototype

    Yah it took about 5 hours. It costs about $1500 to make a full version (I'm am not selling) so I'm working on getting some cash together and then I'll try and make a cast. Does anyone know about how much casting costs nowadays?
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    Sniper Prototype

    It's just the view, I'll take another pic to show the scope
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    Sniper Prototype

    This is the 3 inch model of the sniper from Halo. A lot of the pieces broke off and the bipod was not in the file. I'm getting ready to make a full size (complete detail) version, PM for more info. ENJOY! [attachment=7835:Sniper.jpg]
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    Hunters In The Wire

    Nice job, It looks pretty good. Now if I could only make a full sized pepped Hunter suit o_O now that would be crazy. Keep up the good work.
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    Paint Job

    I've seen certain tutorials where the creator uses silver paint (really thick, no paint thinner) and just dabs a wide brush to lightly coat the end, then takes that to the outside of certain sections that would have the paint worn off (anything sticking out) and lightly brushes away from any...
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    My M6g Halo Pistol Pics!

    I'm going to get started on the sniper rifle by the end of this month with some help from the site listed. It's going to be full sized and sweet.
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    My M6g Halo Pistol Pics!

    Yah, but it's mainly the width of the slide that bothers be. The side view is perfect according to a snapshot from the Halo Arms Race video. UPDATE: next week I will have a removable magazine for the model, and a clip of white .50 cal rounds ( anyone know what the clip size for this pistol was...
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    My M6g Halo Pistol Pics!

    The grip should be fine once the angle is fixed and the contouring is done. I thought about giving it a "bob-long" handle with a Uzi-looking magazine just for fun, but the material was tooooo expensive to mess around like that.
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    New 3d Scanner

    Thats good. It would be useful to take the legendary game helmet and sizing it up for an actual fit. Most people don't realize that a lot of local colleges have 3D printers or at least CNC machines as well as scanners. It's nice to have a couple friends that know the staff and teachers.