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  • Would it be possible for you to batch all of the files you have and send them to me that way? I was actually going through the files on my main computer and found a few Pepakura files including Ryuki and Blade's helmet. There were a few more, I just can remember what they were. I'll send them to you when I'm next at home.
    Hi BioDelta,

    Thank you for your prompt reply. I've sent you an email for the Kamen Rider W pep file request.
    As for the OOO's, I will wait then. >w<
    You asked me where the frigate was from that I had posted in the 3d modeling request forum right? The ship is the Spirit of Fire from Halo Wars.
    hey mate, sorry for late reply, didnt get a notification saying i had a msg, thanks for ur kind words on my blade helm
    sdly i dont know any websites for watching kamen rider :(
    i know sites for watching free tv things like
    project free tv, ( google it ) not sure if it got kamen rider though sorry
    No. I highly doubt I ever will either. Once I have better knowledge of everything I'll make my own, but that could take years.
    please work from the basics up to what needs to be done. I was told myself when i started to not rush and skip over anything from the tutorial. I haven't gotten very far in the tutorial besides moving the camera around myself. Anything other than what i have already told you how to do your on your own to figure out.
    I go under File>Import>Wavefront(.obj)> then i use the P button in the top left hand corner to go up file locations so i can go into user then desktop and so on and so forth to get to my file location. Once i have the file selected i go up to the top right hand corner and hit the Import a Wavefront OBJ button. A small window will appear with some option and i leave that alone and just hit import and it appears on the screen.
    well under under file in blender it has inport image.So i click on it and it shows exia 3d.So i click it but nouting happens
    Hey, man. I'm not really sure which helmet are you talking about, cause i never had any kamen rider helmets :S sorry.
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