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  • Break it down for real armor, originally i was going print everything out and manually up scale it the armor pieces, but if someone can resize it, it would be appreciated
    Its uploading now to my 4shared account. Ill send you a message with the link in it when it is done.
    don't overdo it though. if you stress yourself out too much you could go brain dead and that wont be good XD
    Any 3D modeling program you know how to run. If you don't have a program at all yet then i would suggest Blender. It is a free 3D modeling software and their is an online tutorial you can find HERE. If you do Blender make sure you go through the whole tutorial from step one through the end not skipping things.
    Okay i don't know much about the actual way to do what needs to be done but ill give you a run down of what needs to happen. What you need to do is break the model apart and put it into separate files ie, head, torso, pelvis, L shoulder, R shoulder and so on and so forth. This includes things like weapons and backpack items that can be removed from the main frame of the Gundam. Then you need to make sure all the pieces are straight up and down on the Y and X axis so when i open them in Pepakura they are not tilted and then it is almost impossible to get a dimension from it. After you get that done send me the broken down files with them all labeled and ill let you know what needs to be done from there. If you are breaking it down and you see in a piece there is an unnecessary wall or an opening that shouldn't be there take care of those and make it look nice and neat and smooth.
    Alex Gundam is done. The full pack is on the first page of the Official Gundam thread. We are currently working on the RX-79[G] files. Not sure when we will have those done yet though. We do have the model for the Dynames, not too sure about the Zeta, and we will try and get what we can done. Right now life is getting in our way so its taking a while for me to do any unfolding. Though i am getting a lot of amazing things back from ein on his modeling and fixing edges and whatnot.
    For the .pdo files if they are already sized and unfolded you could just resize them in Designer and then go from there but if they are a raw .pdo and have had nothing done to them you may need to get them fixed. Most of the problems we have transferring the model to pepakura is that there are open edges in places that shouldn't be open. If it looks clean of the open edges then you can just unfold it yourself if you want and then size it when your done but for that it helps to have the code so you can save your work when you are done. Hope this helped
    I ended up buying the disc of Endless Waltz. However I am looking where to buy a Gundam model that is just released. a Damashii edition one.
    Hi, sorry for the delay in responding, I've been away. Yes, if you have some pep files for Iron Man, I would be very grateful for the use of them. Thank you very much for letting me know!
    yes I want to build an IronMan Aromor to the Hulkbuster to be exact. Unfortunately there is no PDOs for this Armor. I have the data but they can not be use at the moment because I can not open theformat. But I'm working on this ^.^
    Due to all the work and not much time working on ME2 N7 armor instead. Plus I feel more comfortable working on armor
    thats cool I finished my build I'm going to do a photo shop this weekend hopefully I'm hoping my friend gets his Jorge build done
    Yea i did...My laptop crashed and i lost all my documents. Im still in the process of trying to fix it and hopefully recover all my files.
    Hey, not sure where it says "CA" on my profile, but if it does it stands for Canada.

    Anyways, Hi.
    i need marine armor mainly i can't trade anything right now got everything tied up in the video, and if possible i need a tripod for the chain gun
    Thanks BioDelta!

    Good luck with your Noble Six build. Put in the time and effort and it will be AWESOME!

    yea I 'll see when I can get some free time and set this up I'm trying to get my suit done before the anahiem comic con are you going to that one?
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