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    Dan's Mark Vi

    Hey everyone! Long time no see! I've been busy with other things and just been taking a break from Halo in general... More for my wife's sake than mine. :p Anyway I just wanted to thank everyone for their kind comments. I hope to be getting back into this soon, so we'll see what becomes of...
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    Engraving Armor

    It should definitely come out in a silicon mold. Silicon is made to capture every little detail, even pores in your skin.
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    My Mark Vi Armor

    Hey man I haven't seen this thread until you PM'd me. Very Nice! Keep up the great work! :D
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    Darth Vader Helmet

    Awesome!!! I'm printing it now! Thanks man!
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    Super Hd Halo Wars Mk Iv Armor

    Dude, just wanna say: This is FANTASICAL!!!! :D
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    That's what she said...
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    Sat Tommarow, Anything I Should Do?

    Cheat!!! Nah just kidding... good luck! :D
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    Congrats buddy!
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    Need Your Best Halo Costume Pics

    I sent mine today. Sorry if it's too late. :)
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    Finishing Q's

    I found my straps at an army surplus store.
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    How Do You Rip 3D Models From Games

    I was wondering this same thing a while back so I did some digging. I found a few forums like this one, and what I learned was, there are plenty of people who rip plenty of models out of plenty of games.... No one have EVER ripped a model from ANY halo game(That we know of). Pretty awesome and...
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    Dan's Mark Vi

    Haha yeah, lots of Taco Bell and Pizza :p
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    Dan's Mark Vi

    I'll try and post a pic of the kitchen/dining area when I get home. It's been turned into an armory :p
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    Pooper's High Detailed Mvi Armor

    Hey man, awesome update (Love the wallpaper too), and good luck!
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    Papasmurf's ( W.i.p.) M6C/socom (Molded Parts)

    Wow! This is great! I'd like a cast too if this gets molded.